Looking for a guide to travel to the philippines? If you still don’t know What do you need to travel to the Philippines?, we are going to explain everything you have to prepare for entering the Philippines and leaving. general information and Requirements to travel to the Philippines with its customs, laws and limitations in the customs of the Philippines. You have available this travel guide with the emergency telephone numbers, the best time to travel to the philippines and everything you need to know to travel safely.

guide to travel to the philippines


Capital Philippines (See map)
Languages English and Filipino (Tagalog)
Currency Philippine peso
Visa? Nope
Voltage 220 volts

Philippines Overview

With the current situation you may have to fill out some kind of form to travel to the Philippines or covid philippines requirements, so we recommend you check What do you need to travel to the Philippines? or any destination in the country in this travel guide.

Recommendations when you visit the Philippines

  • Under no circumstances travel to the following provinces in the extreme south of the country: Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Basilán, Maguindanao; Lanao del Sur, Lanao del Norte, North Cotabato, South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Saranganni, Zamboanga del Sur and Zamboanga Sibugay.
  • In general, avoid traveling to the remaining provinces of the Island of Mindanao, unless strictly necessary. If this is the case, travel only to the most important urban centers.
  • Stay informed, remain alert, and cooperate with local authorities at all times.
  • Report any suspicious activity and avoid going to public spaces and conglomerates.
  • Stay informed through the news of the country, to be aware of the events that occur in the town where you are.
  • Proceed wisely and inform family and friends of your travel itinerary.
  • Check the security measures implemented in your place of lodging.
  • Always carry, at least, a copy of your Mexican passport and an official photo ID. Keep an electronic copy of them.
  • Have contact information in that country at hand (hotels, friends, the emergency telephone number of the Mexican Embassy in the Philippines, among others).

Guide to travel to the Philippines entry requirements

These are the Philippines entry requirements:

  • To enter Philippine territory, a passport with a validity of more than six months is required, otherwise the Philippine immigration authorities will deny your entry, detain you and you will be required to leave the country on the closest flight.
  • Take care of your travel document. Mutilated or altered passports are invalid and represent a problem for their bearers. Check the status of your passport. Traveling with a damaged passport to the Philippines is not recommended. In general, the authorities can retain these types of mutilated or altered documents, and the person carrying them will be arrested and fined.
  • If your air tickets were purchased with the credit card of a person other than you, you must travel with a copy of the purchaser’s credit card, if he or she is not traveling with you, there is a possibility that the line airline does not allow you to board if you do not present a copy of the credit card of the person who bought your air tickets.
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry and until the date the trip ends.
  • Have a return air ticket or any ticket in your name, with a destination outside the Philippines, with a departure date within 30 days of entering the country.
  • Have family, work or financial ties in the place of origin that will allow you to demonstrate your intention to return to your country of origin.
  • Have enough money to finance your stay.

For more information, see the website of the Philippine Immigration Office.

***Remember: It is the exclusive power of the Philippine authorities to grant or deny entry to a foreign person to their territory, even if they have a visa.***

Guide to travel to the Philippines requirements to leave

Once your stay is over, these are the Philippine exit requirements:

  • If your stay in the Philippines exceeded six months, it is necessary to process a Certificate of Authorization (Certificate of Clearance) at the offices of the Immigration Bureau and pay the corresponding fees. The Philippine immigration authority will not allow you to board the plane if you do not have this document.
  • If your stay in the Philippines did not exceed six months, there are no special requirements to leave the country.
3d country map

Philippine customs information

  • If you enter with more than $10,000 US dollars or its equivalent in another currency, you must report it to the immigration authorities at the time of your arrival or departure from that country.
  • The entry of firearms, tear gas and pepper spray is prohibited.

For more information, see the website of the Customs Secretariat of the Government of the Philippines.

Philippine local currency

The legal tender in the Philippines is the Philippine peso (“₱”, PHP). This is the only currency accepted in shops, restaurants and service stations.

For more information regarding the local currency or payment methods of the country, consult the section recommendations in money to travel abroad..

Philippine customs

Make sure you know the customs of the country so you can know what the best time to visit philippines. Here are the most common.

There is nothing special to take into account.

Is it safe to travel to the Philippines?

  • In certain and delimited areas on the island of Mindanao, an armed conflict persists that dates back more than four decades, so there is a risk for foreign travelers specifically in: Davao, Samal Maguindanao Island; North Cotabato; wool; Maguindanao; Sultan Kudarat; Sulu, North Zamboanga, and; southern Cebu province).
  • A great deal of caution is recommended if it is strictly necessary to travel to the following destinations: Agusán del Norte; Agusán del Sur; Bukidnon; North Davao; South Davao; Eastern Davao; Misamis Oriental; Samal Island; Argao City (South Cebu); South Surigao; Compostela Valley, and; Northern Zamboanga.
  • Additionally, it is reported that the local press has reported in the last year a considerable increase in kidnappings and extortions by separatist and terrorist groups in the aforementioned provinces.

Philippine Laws

  • It is recommended that you always carry a copy of your passport with a visa on hand during your stay in the Philippines, as well as obtain a copy of them and keep it in a safe place.
  • Illicitly transporting psychotropic substances is typified as a serious crime.

Other recommendations in a guide to travel to the Philippines

  • Do not forget to notify your bank that you will travel to the Philippines, so that they can inform you how to act in case of theft or loss of your credit cards in the Philippines, or problems that you could have when withdrawing money with your cards abroad.
  • Recommendations and more advice by topic or type of traveler, visit the section of recommendations for your trip abroad of this guide to traveling to the Philippines.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the official website for tourism in the Philippines?

What are the emergency telephone numbers in the Philippines?

Medical emergencies: 112
Police: 117
Firefighters: 757

What are the mandatory vaccinations in the Philippines?

No particular vaccination is required to travel to the Philippines. However, it is prudent to check the official page to obtain updated information from the authorities of that country.