Looking for a guide to travel to Serbia? If you still don’t know what is needed to travel to Serbia, we are going to explain everything you have to prepare for entering and leaving Serbia. general information and requirements to travel to Serbia with its customs, laws and limitations in the customs of Serbia. You have available this travel guide with the emergency telephone numbers, the best time to travel to serbia and everything you need to know to travel safely.

guide to travel to Serbia


Capital Serbian (See map)
Languages Serbian
Currency serbian dinar
Visa? Nope
Voltage 220 volts
Frequency 50Hz
Plug F, C and E

Serbia Overview

With the current situation you may have to fill out some kind of form to travel to Serbia or covid Serbia requirements, so we recommend you to check what is needed to travel to Serbia or any destination in the country in this travel guide.

Guide to travel to Serbia entry requirements

These are the entry requirements to Serbia:

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry and until the date your trip ends.
  • Have family, work or financial ties in the place of origin that will allow you to demonstrate your interest in returning to your country of origin.
  • In case you do not use the lodging services, you must register with the corresponding authority within 24 hours of arrival in the country, presenting proof of address, or at the time you receive lodging.
  • Have enough money to finance your stay.

Guide to travel to Serbia requirements to leave

Once your stay is over, these are the departure requirements from Serbia:

The limit of money that can be taken out of the country is equivalent to $10 thousand US dollars. If you try to leave Serbia with an amount greater than the established amount, you run the risk that the money will be seized and that you will be arrested and put on trial in a local court.

3d country map

Serbian customs information

  • If you enter with more than €10,000 euros or its equivalent in other currencies, you must report it to the immigration authorities at the time of your arrival or departure from that country.
  • The entry of firearms, tear gas and pepper spray is prohibited. Additionally, some fruits, vegetables, honey, eggs, meat, dairy products and plants from other countries cannot be brought into the country.

Serbian local currency

  • The legal tender in Serbia is the serbian dinar («дин», RSD). This is the only currency accepted in shops, restaurants and service stations.
  • Throughout the country there are ATMs that accept different types of cards; the most widely accepted are American Express, Visa, Diners and Mastercard.

For more information regarding the local currency or payment methods of the country, consult the section recommendations in money to travel abroad.

Serbian customs

Make sure you know the customs of the country so you can know what the best time to visit serbia. Here are the most common.

  • In general, it is recommended to make accommodation arrangements before arriving in Serbia, as well as stick to travel schedules and avoid last-minute changes.
  • It is recommended NO enter Serbia through the province of Kosovo, including the international airport in Pristina.

Is it safe to travel to Serbia?

Serbia is generally a safe country. However, there is a risk of petty theft from foreigners in highly frequented places, especially in Belgrade.

Laws of Serbia

  • It is recommended to always have a copy of your passport with a visa during your stay, as well as to obtain a copy of them and keep it in a safe place.
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs can get you arrested and jailed, depending on where you are.
  • Visitors wishing to drive a rental car may do so upon presentation of their valid driver’s license (or an international format driver’s license).
  • The province of Kosovo unilaterally declared its independence from Serbia on February 17, 2008, causing a dispute that required the intervention of the UN Security Council. your country, in compliance with resolution 1244 (1999) of the UN Security Council, does not recognize the independence of Kosovo, which could generate grievances against Mexican nationals, for which reason, before the trip, the risks in the area and avoid traveling at night.

Other recommendations in guide to travel to Serbia

  • Do not forget to notify your bank that you will travel to Serbia, so that it can inform you how to act in case of theft or loss of your credit cards in Serbia, or problems you could have when withdrawing money with your cards abroad.
  • Recommendations and more advice by topic or type of traveler, visit the section of recommendations for your trip abroad of this guide to travel to Serbia.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the official site for tourism in Serbia?

What are the emergency telephone numbers in Serbia?

The telephone for Emergencies is 112; The police telephone number is 192; the fire department is 193 and the ambulance is 194.

Are tourists entitled to free medical care in Serbia?

Tourists are not entitled to free medical care in Serbia.
You must have a travel insurance or medical insurance with coverage abroad

What are the recommended vaccinations in Serbia?

Routine ones, as well as those that protect against COVID-19, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Measles.