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Travel guides, tips and photographs around the world

We travel the world and we tell you everything in this blog to make it easier for you to travel freely. We write travel guides for each destination we visit, with advice based on our experience in the destination and recommendations for traveling independently.

Explore the world!

Our experts review some of this years’s hottest tips for holidaying.

Latest activities

Expert tips, activities and things to do for an unforgettable vacation!

F1 2024 races

Looking for a when and where the next F1 2024 races will be? If you want to enjoy all the Formula 1 Grand Prix this 2024, then we

Sports Events

Travel guides to attend sporting events around the world

If you want to go see sporting events such as Roland Garros, the Olympic Games or even a Champions League final, we will show you how you can get tickets and the best tips for attending these sporting events that you should not miss.

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