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PLF to travel 🧳 Passenger Location Form【2022】

What is the PLF? The PLF to travel is a Passenger Location Form for international arrivals from other countries. Currently there are many countries that in order to visit a country you have to present the PLF form to enter.

At we tell you everything so that you can travel without problems between countries and have no problems accessing the countries that require the Passenger Location Form (PLF).

What is plf form to travel?

Passenger Location Forms (PLF) are used by public health authorities to facilitate contact tracing in case travelers are exposed to an infectious disease during their travel by plane, ship (cruise / ferry), train, bus or car.

The public health authorities of the destination countries can use the information that travelers provide in the PLFs to quickly contact travelers, with the aim of protecting the health of travelers and their contacts, as well as preventing further spread of diseases.

What is the purpose of the plf form?

The purpose of data processing when filling in the plf is epidemiological surveillance and health control due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Guarantee the provision of ordinary or extraordinary services necessary for the sanitary control of the entry of passengers from any country. Statistical uses and health research.

PLF documentation and travel protocols

This section provides information on the travel protocols of each country. Each country you travel to has its protocol. Check what you need to travel and once you have completed the plf form, you will receive, at the email address provided, a QR code and a link to download the dPLF in PDF format. This documentation must be presented before starting the trip, when boarding the plane and upon arrival in the destination country.

PLF form arrivals

Existing National Passenger Locator Forms, you must present the locator form in these countries, according to trips by land, sea or air:


Plf Spain

To travel to Spain from an international country, you must submit the location in Spain form with your spanish plf QR code. Here you can access to download plf Spain.

​It is recalled that all travelers entering Spain, regardless of their nationality, place of origin or route of entry, must complete a location form (PLF) on the page, a form that , from August 1, 2020, IT CAN ONLY BE COMPLETED TELEMATICALLY (paper forms will not be accepted).

What to see in Spain

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If you are going to travel and want to enter the UK, you will need to present the passenger location form (plf uk). We explain where to fill it out and everything you need to know to be able to land in the UK without problems with plf form uk.

France PLF

Digital Passenger Location Forms (dPLF) allow you to carry out contact tracing operations in the event of a confirmed case of contagious disease that has traveled on a flight.

Thanks to the digital format, the search for potential high-risk contacts is easier, faster and more comfortable. People traveling to France by air must complete a passenger locator form.

They are given the option of using their preferred medium to do so: digitally, using this tool, or in writing, using paper PLF. In the second case, the airline staff will collect printed copies of the PLFs before disembarking.

Travelers who complete a dPLF may be asked to present the QR code and / or the confirmation email received at the end of the procedure if requested by the airline. Each individual (adults and minors) must complete a separate dPLF, even when traveling as part of a group or family. In such an environment, a user account can be used to populate and submit up to 5 dPLFs for family or group members. For any information related to the entry requirements for trips to France here.

PLF Italy

Passengers entering Italy must complete a passenger locator form through the EUdPLF application of which you can see all the details here :

Passengers entering Italy must complete a passenger locator form through the EUdPLF application.

Information for travelers with Italy as the destination country:

  • All passengers who wish to enter Italy, through all means of transport, must complete the digital PLF (, before entering the country.
  • Domestic flights do not need dPLF
  • Passengers in transit who remain within the airport Transit Area are NOT required to complete the dPLF. If for any reason one leaves the airport, you will need to complete a dPLF.
  • One form must be completed for each adult passenger; Accompanied minors can register on the accompanying adult form in the Declaration section. In the case of unaccompanied minors, the parent or legal guardian must complete the dPLF prior to departure.

PLF Portugal

Travel to Portugal it is also necessary to fill in the form for locating passengers in Portugal. We explain how to fill in the Portugal plf. Access to download PLF Portugal here

PLF Greece

Travel to Greece it is also necessary to fill in the form for locating passengers in Greece. How to fill in the Greece PLF Access to download Greece PLF here :

PLF Belgium

Travel to Belgium it is also necessary to fill in the form for locating passengers in Belgium. We explain how to fill in the Belgium PLF Access to download Belgium PLF here :

PLF Turkey

Access the latest information on how to enter Turkey, which you must know and fill out to fly to Turkey, download the PLF Turkey here:

Admission form Netherlands PLF

We explain how to fill out the Netherlands Traveler Health Declaration application and where to download the Dutch government form.

PLF Romania

Before boarding, passengers must present the PLF Romania form obtained either in print or on their mobile phone. The form must be filled out by all persons entering Romania and traveling by plane, train, road or sea transport.

PLF Ireland

Before traveling to Ireland, if you have not already done so, read the information on the COVID-19 passenger locator form to travel to Ireland and find out everything you need to be able to travel to Ireland without problems.

PLF Poland

The Poland Passenger Locator Form is an electronic travel document that visitors must fill out before arriving in Poland. Its objective is to collect information about the health status of the traveler, as well as their contact information to track possible infections. This document does not replace a visa or any other travel requirements. Find out about everything you need to travel to Poland (Plf Poland).

PLF Malta

Anyone traveling to Malta from abroad for any period of time, entering Malta by any means of transport has to fill out the PLF MALTA, read on to find out everything you need to travel to Malta.

Who has to prove covid vaccination, negative test or recovery certificate?

All those passengers who come from a country or area at risk in relation to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, must presently submit, in order to enter the country that requires this form.

Covid high risk countries

If you come from a HIGH RISK country or territory, in order to pass the health controls, upon arrival at the destination country, you will have to present, regardless of whether you have a vaccination or recovery certificate, your SpTH QR code together with a certificate of diagnostic test of active infection of SARS-CoV-2 (PDIA), with negative result.

Travel to other countries and COVID-19:

If you are thinking of an international trip, remember that you MUST NOT TRAVEL in the following situations:

  • If you have symptoms compatible with COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath) of recent onset.
  • If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  • If you have had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last two weeks.
  • If the country or area is considered high risk for COVID-19.

EU countries have agreed on a coordinated approach to restricting free movement in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Check the latest coronavirus data by country and find out about possible restrictions before traveling.

plf form (F.A.Q.)

Here are the frequently asked questions about the plf. Everything you need to know to travel in international arrivals and how to fill in the passenger location form.

Existing national passenger location forms (PLF to travel):

As the current coronavirus pandemic evolves and with the latest updated covid-19 data, more and more countries are demanding to enter the presentation of the plf. Below you will see a list of the countries with existing national passenger location forms:

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COUNTRYLink the national digital PLF portal

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