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Looking for a Macau travel guide? If you still don’t know What is needed to travel to Macau, we are going to explain everything you have to prepare for the entrance to Macao and departure. general information and Requirements to travel to Macau with its customs, laws and limitations in Macau customs. You have available this travel guide with the emergency telephone numbers, the best time to travel to macau and everything you need to know to travel safely.

Macau travel guide


Capital Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (See map.)
Languages Chinese (mainly cantonese) Y Portuguese. However, the percentage of the population
speaking Portuguese is very small and the use of English is more common.
Currency Macanese pataca (MOP).
It is common for the Hong Kong dollar (HKD) to be accepted as well.
Visa? Nope
Voltage 220 volts 50 Hz. Connection type G, commonly used in Great Britain.

Macau Overview

With the current situation you may have to fill out some kind of form to travel to Macau or Macau covid requirements, so we recommend you check What is needed to travel to Macau or any destination in the country in this travel guide.

Macau is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

Guide to travel to Macau entry requirements

These are the Macau entry requirements:

  • In Southeast Asia, the authorities require that passports be valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry. This rule is usually applied inflexibly.
  • When entering Macao, visitors do not need to fill out an entry form.

Guide to travel to Macau requirements to leave

Once your stay is over, these are the Macau exit requirements:

There are no special requirements to leave Macau.

3d country map

Macau customs information

  • Under the current legal framework, Macao has a high degree of autonomy in certain areas, including customs.
  • The limits on the importation of alcohol over 30 degrees and tobacco are lower than in other destinations. The maximum amounts exempt from tax are 1 liter and 19 cigarettes, respectively, for each traveler of legal age.
  • The legislation considers various personal defense instruments to be weapons, such as pepper spray, electric stunners, non-lethal pistols, tasers and retractable batons. Their possession or use are considered serious crimes and can result in fines and jail sentences.
  • For additional information, see the website of the customs Department (in Portuguese)

Macau local currency

The legal tender in Macau is the Macanese Pataca (MOP). The Hong Kong dollar (HKD) is also in common use, applying in most cases a 1:1 exchange rate.

For more information regarding the local currency or payment methods of the country, consult the section recommendations in money to travel abroad..

Macau customs

Make sure you know the customs of the country so you can know what the best time to visit Macau. Here are the most common.

  • Tourists should take into account that being a tourist center, hotel occupancy during weekends is extremely high and rates increase considerably.
  • If you plan to spend the night in Macao, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance.
  • Taxis are always metered and only accept cash payment in local currency or Hong Kong dollars.
  • The ferry service between Hong Kong and Macau operates frequently with departures every 15 minutes from 7 am to midnight, taking approximately one hour. There are also less frequent departures outside these hours, it is recommended that you inform yourself.

Is it safe to travel to Macau?

  • Macao is a jurisdiction with a low crime rate, however, it is recommended to be vigilant to avoid theft of valuables and minor fraud against travelers, such as street purchases, electronic products, nightclubs and currency exchange.
  • Macau is an international hub for casinos and gambling. It is recommended to be aware of possible illegal activities in this regard. The Macau Gaming Inspection and Control Office publishes recommendations on “responsible gaming”.
  • It is important that you carry a copy of your passport at all times, especially if you are not a resident of Macao or Hong Kong.

Macau Laws

Local laws are strictly applied:

  • The penalties for the possession or sale of narcotics are very high.
  • Public disturbances are not tolerated, including in areas with the highest nightlife.
  • In some buildings, mainly casinos, it is forbidden to take pictures.
  • The legislation considers various personal defense instruments to be weapons, such as pepper spray, electric stunners, non-lethal pistols, tasers and retractable batons. Their possession or use are considered serious crimes and can result in fines and jail sentences.

Other recommendations in guide to travel to Macau

  • Do not forget to notify your bank that you will be traveling to Macao, so that they can inform you how to act in case of theft or loss of your credit cards in Macao, or problems that you could have when withdrawing money with your cards abroad.
  • Recommendations and more advice by topic or type of traveler, visit the section of recommendations for your trip abroad of this guide to travel to Macau.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the official site for tourism in Macau?

For general information about Macao you can consult the site of the local government (English).
For tourist information, consult the official site of Macau Tourism

What are the emergency telephone numbers in Macau?

Local emergency phone: 999

Are tourists entitled to free health care in Macau?

Tourists are not entitled to free medical care in Macau. The supply of hospital services is limited and the costs are usually very high. For specialized medical attention it is suggested to move to Hong Kong.

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