Guide to travel to Afghanistan

Looking for a guide to travel to afghanistan? If you still don’t know what is needed to travel to afghanistan, we are going to explain everything you have to prepare for entering and leaving Afghanistan. general information and Requirements to travel to Afghanistan with its customs, laws and limitations in the customs of Afghanistan. You have available this travel guide with the emergency telephone numbers, the best time to travel to afghanistan and everything you need to know to travel safely.

guide to travel to afghanistan


Capital Kabul (See map)
Languages Pashto and Dari
Currency afghan afghani

Afghanistan Overview

With the current situation you may have to fill out some kind of form to travel to afghanistan or covid Afghanistan requirements, so we recommend you check What do you need to travel to Kabul? or any destination in the country in this travel guide.

  • Afghanistan suffers from serious chronic instability as a result of the armed conflict that arose after the fall of the Taliban regime and the US and NATO intervention in the context of the war against terrorism that began in 2001.
  • Elements of the former Taliban regime, as well as other terrorist organizations, remain active and hostile against Afghanistan’s central government and foreign nationals in each of the country’s provinces, carrying out frequent attacks.
  • No province in Afghanistan is considered immune to violence and crime, and there is also a high possibility of hostile acts against foreigners taking place throughout the country at any time.
  • Travel to all areas of Afghanistan represents a serious risk due to ongoing military operations, the existence of landmines, banditry, armed rivalry between various political and tribal groups, and the very real possibility of terrorist attacks, including suicide attacks. or with a car bomb.

Guide to travel to Afghanistan entry requirements

These are the Afghanistan entry requirements:

  • Passport valid for at least six months at the time of entry and until the date your trip ends.
  • Have family, work or financial ties in the place of origin that will allow you to demonstrate your intention to return to your country of origin.
  • Have enough resources during your stay.
  • Have a return ticket or tourist circuit with closed dates.
  • Upon entering, you must register with the Ministry of the Interior.

***Remember: It is the exclusive power of the Afghan authorities to grant or deny entry to a foreign person to their territory, even if they have a visa.***

Guide to travel to Afghanistan requirements to leave

Once your stay is over, these are the departure requirements from afghanistan:

You must deliver the card that the Ministry of the Interior gave you during your registration.

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3d country map

Afghanistan customs information

  • The introduction of alcohol, drugs and pork products is prohibited with the risk of incarceration.
  • It is prohibited to introduce religious material and printed material that could be considered contrary to Afghan customs and morals.
  • You can enter and exit with up to 20 thousand US dollars.
  • It is forbidden to remove antiques.
  • In case of having a medical treatment, you must present the prescription, with an English translation, in which the medical condition and the medications that you are introducing are indicated.
  • Do not transport protected animal or plant species.

Afghan local currency

  • The legal tender is the Afghan Afghani (AFN). This is the only currency accepted in shops, restaurants and service stations.
  • Credit card acceptance is very restricted, international transfers are limited, and access to ATMs for international transactions is difficult; Check with your bank before starting your trip.
  • It is suggested to bring cash.

For more information regarding the local currency or payment methods of the country, consult the section recommendations in money to travel abroad..

Afghan customs

Make sure you know the customs of the country so you can know what the best time to visit afghanistan. Here are the most common.

  • Both men and women should dress conservatively, with arms and legs covered.
  • Women and girls must cover their heads with a veil.
  • You should refrain from displaying affection in public.
  • During the fasting month, RamadanYou should avoid eating, drinking, and smoking in public throughout the day.

Is it safe to travel to Afghanistan?

  • Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, therefore, it makes trips that are strictly essential.
  • You must have rigorous security measures which include the hiring of armed security guards.
  • Terrorist attacks are frequent and can happen at any time and in any place, you must always remain on extreme alert.
  • Foreign interests such as buildings, convoys, assembly centers and military and security installations, etc. they are the main – although not exclusive – targets of terrorist attacks.
  • Avoid as much as possible any public concentration that could be the object of an attack.
  • Travel outside of Kabul is discouraged; if necessary, avoid land travel.
  • Throughout the Afghan territory there is a presence of anti-personnel mines and other explosive devices.
  • The threats of attacks on Kabul International Airport and planes are constant. In the past, there have been rocket attacks on the airport and the road leading to it.
  • The kidnapping of foreigners by extremist groups has increased in recent years.
  • Crime is common, including rape; exercise common sense precautions.

Laws of Afghanistan

  • Carry a copy of your passport and your Afghan visa at all times.
  • Drug trafficking and possession can be punished with long prison sentences.
  • Not all public places are likely to be photographed, particularly government facilities.
  • Under no circumstances should journalistic work be carried out with a tourist visa and without accreditation.
  • Religious proselytizing work other than Islam is severely punished.
  • Free union is illegal, as well as close contact between men and women who do not have a family relationship.
  • Homosexuality is prohibited and can be punished with jail. For more information see the section on LGBTI people.

Other recommendations in a guide to travel to Afghanistan

  • Do not forget to notify your bank that you will travel to Afghanistan, so that it can inform you how to act in case of theft or loss of your credit cards in Afghanistan, or problems that you could have when withdrawing money with your cards abroad.

To make calls to Afghanistan

  • To fixed telephone: 00 + 93 + two digits of the area code + seven digits of the telephone
  • To mobile: 00 + 93 + nine digits of the phone

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