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Incredible Submarine cable map 3D 🗺️ 2022

Are you searching for a map with all the submarine cables in the world? Here you can see an incredible interactive 3D submarine cable map around the world. An interactive undersea cable map in 3D is available in InfoWorldMaps, because we are fans of 3D maps and we want to show you all the submarine cable network that connect the world in an incredible 3D vision.

3d submarine cable map

Interactive 3D submarine cable map

Submarine cable map

Submarine cables connect different countries and continents to each other. These connections have been advancing and multiplying from the first of them until today. Although we use all kinds of wireless technology, it is necessary for these types of connections to exist and this submarine cables map allows us to keep the planet fully connected from one end to the other. A lot of submarine cable companies connect World.

What is a submarine cable?

Submarine cables allow us to transmit data through them to improve telecommunications services. Virtually all communications today are made through submarine cables, more than 90% of them. They are options with many advantages over others such as satellites, for example. In this case, they are much more affordable than the satellites themselves. In this post, you can see an interactive submarine cable map that you can use in a globe in 3D.

How are submarine cables?

It will depend on the connection in question, but it is a fine and delicate material. Although in photographs or images we can see them with a great thickness, the truth is that their diameter is approximately three centimeters. Everything around it is just layers and layers that protect it from breaking easily, waterproofing the entire cable or padding it.

There are up to eight layers in submarine cables, which we explain from the inside to the outside (contrary to the image that illustrates it)

Inside, the fibers:
– The second layer, Vaseline that protects from water.
– The third layer, a copper or aluminum tube.
– The fourth layer, a polycarbonate tube.
– The fifth layer, a waterproof aluminum barrier.
– The sixth layer, some braided steel wires.
– The seventh layer, a polyethylene terephthalate tape
– The eighth and last layer, on the outside, polyethylene coating.

submarine cable

Up to eight different layers protect the fibers of the inner cable. It is something to simulate, originally, such as the ones you have at home to connect the optical fiber. But you have to bear in mind that there are all kinds of external factors that can affect such as sharks, fishing boats, natural disasters, or even the coral that is in the sea.

Installation of earth submarine fiber optic cable network

To install an earth submarine fiber optic cable network, one end of the submarine cables must be transferred to a station installed on the coast. A series of divers is responsible for burying it enough to ensure its connection. When it is already installed at one end, a cable boat specially designed for this mission “buries” the entire cable. It will depend on the model of the boat or the technology used that they are prepared to install up to 200 kilometers of installation per day.

Underwater cables on the ocean floor in the Mediterranean Sea.

Map of all submarine cable internet

If you want to take a look at all the underwater connections (submarine cable map) there are, you can access some web pages in charge of collecting and updating them whenever there is a new one. In the case of TeleGeography, it allows you to access an interactive map in which you will have an overview of all the undersea cables for internet that are currently available but you will also have the option of seeing periodic updates, it is a submarine cables telegeography map.

Submarine cable map poster

Here you can see a submarine cable map poster in the image, You can see live data in this undersea cables here:

submarine cable map poster

You can see it better in our submarine cable map in 3D at top of the page.

Submarine cable fault

What happens if submarine cable fault? There is a cable map around the world connecting all countries. If a submarine cable fault it is possible that internet services could cause disruption, but Internet is a decentralized network and when a node fails the information flow can re-route through other intact nodes and cables.

Submarine power cable

A submarine power cable is a transmission cable for carrying electric power below the surface of the water. These are called “submarine” because they usually carry electric power beneath salt water (arms of the ocean, seas, straits, etc.) but it is also possible to use submarine power cables beneath fresh water (large lakes and rivers).

What is the purpose of submarine power cables?

The purpose of submarine power cables is the transport of electric current at high voltage. The electric core is a concentric assembly of inner conductor, electric insulation and protective layers often carry optical fibers for data transmission or temperature measurement, in addition to the electrical conductors.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What happens if submarine cable cut?

Fault in submarine cable disrupts internet speed. Internet services could cause disruption across a country due to a submarine cable cut. This fault has caused an outage of international bandwidth and may result in degradation of internet services for users of TransWorld bandwidth

How is a submarine cable maintenance?

Damage can be caused by failure in a cable, but this is very uncommon. Earthquakes can damage cables. Data cables can take up to 16 hours to repair, after which they are lowered back down to the sea. The most common failure is boats; trawling by fishing boats and ships dropping anchor can snag and easily damage the cables, which aren’t buried very deeply in the sea bed.

What is longest submarine cable system in over a decade?

Asia-Africa-Europe 1 (AAE-1) is a 25,000 km submarine communications cable system from South East Asia to Europe. In July 2017, it was launched for commercial services and is the longest submarine cable system in over a decade.

List of all submarine cables companies – submarine cable manufacturers

  • 2Africa
  • ACS Alaska-Oregon Network (AKORN)
  • Aden-Djibouti
  • Adria-1
  • AEConnect-1
  • Africa Coast to Europe (ACE)
  • Africa-1 [43]
  • Alaska United East (AU-East)
  • Alaska United Southeast (AU-SE)
  • Alaska United Turnagain Arm (AUTA)
  • Alaska United West (AU-West)
  • ALBA-1
  • Aletar
  • Alonso de Ojeda
  • ALPAL-2
  • America Movil Submarine Cable System-1 (AMX-1)
  • Americas-I North
  • Americas-II
  • Amerigo Vespucci
  • Amitie
  • Antillas 1
  • APCN-2
  • Apollo
  • Aqualink
  • ARSAT Submarine Fiber Optic Cable
  • Asia Africa Europe-1 (AAE-1)
  • Asia Direct Cable (ADC)
  • Asia Pacific Gateway (APG)
  • Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE)/Cahaya Malaysia
  • Asia-America Gateway (AAG) Cable System
  • Atisa
  • Atlantic Crossing-1 (AC-1)
  • Atlantis-2
  • Atlas Offshore
  • AU-Aleutian
  • AURORA Cable System
  • Australia-Japan Cable (AJC)
  • Australia-Singapore Cable (ASC)
  • Avassa
  • Azores Fiber Optic System (AFOS)
  • Bahamas 2
  • Bahamas Domestic Submarine Network (BDSNi)
  • Bahamas Internet Cable System (BICS)
  • Balalink
  • Baltic Sea Submarine Cable
  • Baltica
  • Bass Strait-1
  • Bass Strait-2
  • Basslink
  • Batam Dumai Melaka (BDM) Cable System
  • Batam Sarawak Internet Cable System (BaSICS)
  • Batam Singapore Cable System (BSCS)
  • Batam-Rengit Cable System (BRCS)
  • Bay of Bengal Gateway (BBG)
  • Bay to Bay Express (BtoBE) Cable System
  • BCS East
  • BCS East-West Interlink
  • BCS North – Phase 1
  • BCS North – Phase 2
  • Bharat Lanka Cable System
  • Bicentenario
  • BlueMed
  • Bodo-Rost Cable
  • Boracay-Palawan Submarine Cable System
  • Botnia
  • Brazilian Festoon
  • BT Highlands and Islands Submarine Cable System
  • BT-MT-1
  • C-Lion1
  • Cabo Verde Telecom Domestic Submarine Cable Phase 1
  • Cabo Verde Telecom Domestic Submarine Cable Phase 2
  • Cabo Verde Telecom Domestic Submarine Cable Phase 3
  • CAM Ring
  • Canalink
  • CANTAT-3
  • Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (CARCIP)
  • Caribbean-Bermuda U.S. (CBUS)
  • Caucasus Cable System
  • Cayman-Jamaica Fiber System
  • Ceiba-1
  • Ceiba-2
  • Celtic
  • Celtic Norse
  • CeltixConnect-1 (CC-1)
  • CeltixConnect-2 (CC-2)
  • Challenger Bermuda-1 (CB-1)
  • Channel Islands-9 Liberty Submarine Cable
  • Chennai-Andaman & Nicobar Islands Cable
  • Chuuk-Pohnpei Cable
  • Circe North
  • Circe South
  • COBRAcable
  • Colombia-Florida Subsea Fiber (CFX-1)
  • Columbus-II b
  • Columbus-III
  • Comoros Domestic Cable System
  • Concerto
  • Coral Sea Cable System (CSCS)
  • Corse-Continent 4 (CC4)
  • Corse-Continent 5 (CC5)
  • Cross Straits Cable Network
  • Crosslake Fibre
  • Curie
  • DAMAI Cable System
  • Danica North
  • Denmark-Norway 5
  • Denmark-Norway 6
  • Denmark-Poland 2
  • Denmark-Sweden 15
  • Denmark-Sweden 16
  • Denmark-Sweden 17
  • Denmark-Sweden 18
  • Dhiraagu Cable Network
  • Dhiraagu-SLT Submarine Cable Network
  • Diamond Link Global
  • Didon
  • Djibouti Africa Regional Express 1 (DARE1)
  • Dumai-Melaka Cable System
  • Dunant
  • E-LLAN
  • EAC-C2C
  • East-West
  • East-West Submarine Cable System
  • Eastern Africa Submarine System (EASSy)
  • Eastern Caribbean Fiber System (ECFS)
  • Eastern Light
  • ECLink
  • Elektra-GlobalConnect 1 (GC1)
  • EllaLink
  • Emerald Bridge Fibres
  • Energinet Laeso-Varberg
  • Energinet Lyngsa-Laeso
  • England Cable
  • Equiano
  • ESAT-1
  • ESAT-2
  • Estepona-Tetouan
  • Europe India Gateway (EIG)
  • Far East Submarine Cable System
  • FARICE-1
  • Farland North
  • Fehmarn Bält
  • Fiber Optic Gulf (FOG)
  • Fibra Optica Austral
  • Fibralink
  • Finland Estonia Connection (FEC)
  • Finland-Estonia 2 (EESF-2)
  • Finland-Estonia 3 (EESF-3)
  • FLAG Atlantic-1 (FA-1)
  • FLAG Europe-Asia (FEA)
  • FLAG North Asia Loop/REACH North Asia Loop
  • Flores-Corvo Cable System
  • FOS Quellon-Chacabuco
  • Gemini Bermuda
  • Geo-Eirgrid
  • Georgia-Russia
  • Germany-Denmark 2
  • Germany-Denmark 3
  • Glo-1
  • Glo-2
  • Global Caribbean Network (GCN)
  • GlobalConnect 2 (GC2)
  • GlobalConnect 3 (GC3)
  • GlobalConnect-KPN
  • GlobeNet
  • GO-1 Mediterranean Cable System
  • Gondwana-1
  • Greenland Connect
  • Greenland Connect North
  • GTMO-1
  • GTT Atlantic
  • GTT Express
  • Guadeloupe Cable des Iles du Sud (GCIS)
  • Guam Okinawa Kyushu Incheon (GOKI)
  • Guernsey-Jersey-4
  • Gulf Bridge International Cable System (GBICS)/Middle East North Africa (MENA) Cable System
  • Gulf of California Cable
  • Gulf2Africa (G2A)
  • H2 Cable
  • Hainan-Hong Kong Submarine Cable map
  • HANNIBAL System
  • HANTRU1 Cable System
  • Havfrue/AEC-2
  • Hawaiki
  • Hawk submarine cable map
  • HICS (Hawaii Inter-Island Cable System)
  • HIFN (Hawaii Island Fibre Network)
  • High-capacity Undersea Guernsey Optical-fibre (HUGO)
  • Hokkaido-Sakhalin Cable System (HSCS)
  • Hong Kong-Americas (HKA)
  • Hong Kong-Guam (HK-G)
  • Honotua
  • i2i Cable Network (i2icn)
  • INDIGO-Central
  • INDIGO-West
  • Indonesia Global Gateway (IGG) System
  • Interchange Cable Network 1 (ICN1)
  • Interchange Cable Network 2 (ICN2)
  • International Gateway (IGW)
  • IOX Cable System
  • IP-Only Denmark-Sweden
  • Ireland-France Cable-1 (IFC-1)
  • Isles of Scilly Submarine cable map
  • Italy-Albania
  • Italy-Croatia
  • Italy-Greece 1
  • Italy-Libya
  • Italy-Malta
  • Italy-Monaco
  • JaKa2LaDeMa
  • Jakarta Surabaya Cable System (JAYABAYA)
  • Jakarta-Bangka-Bintan-Batam-Singapore (B3JS)
  • Jambi-Batam Cable System (JIBA)
  • Janna
  • Japan Information Highway (JIH)
  • Japan-Guam-Australia North (JGA-N)
  • Japan-Guam-Australia South (JGA-S)
  • Japan-U.S. Cable Network (JUS)
  • Java Bali Cable System (JBCS)
  • Jerry Newton
  • Jonah
  • Junior
  • Kanawa
  • Kattegat 1
  • Kattegat 2
  • Kerch Strait Cable
  • KetchCan1 Submarine Fiber Cable System
  • Kodiak Kenai Fiber Link (KKFL)
  • Korea-Japan Cable Network (KJCN)
  • Kumul Domestic Submarine Cable System
  • Kuwait-Iran
  • Labuan-Brunei Submarine Cable
  • Lanis-1
  • Lanis-2
  • Lanis-3
  • Latvia-Sweden 1 (LV-SE 1)
  • Lazaro Cardenas-Manzanillo Santiago Submarine Cable System (LCMSSCS)
  • Lev Submarine System
  • LFON (Libyan Fiber Optic Network)
  • Libreville-Port Gentil Cable
  • Link 1 Phase-1
  • Link 1 Phase-2
  • Link 2 Phase-1
  • Link 2 Phase-2
  • Link 3 Phase-1
  • Link 3 Phase-2
  • Link 4 Phase-2
  • Link 5 Phase-2
  • Lower Indian Ocean Network (LION)
  • Lower Indian Ocean Network 2 (LION2)
  • Luwuk Tutuyan Cable System (LTCS)
  • Lynn Canal Fiber
  • MainOne
  • Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand (MCT) Cable
  • Malbec
  • Malta-Gozo Cable
  • Malta-Italy Interconnector
  • Manatua
  • Mandji Fiber Optic Cable
  • Maple Leaf Fibre
  • Mariana-Guam Cable
  • Mataram Kupang Cable System (MKCS)
  • Matrix Cable System
  • Mauritius and Rodrigues Submarine Cable System (MARS)
  • Maya-1
  • Med Cable Network
  • MedNautilus Submarine System
  • Melita 1
  • Meltingpot Indianoceanic Submarine System (METISS)
  • Mid-Atlantic Crossing (MAC)
  • Middle East North Africa (MENA) Cable System/Gulf Bridge International
  • Miyazaki-Okinawa Cable (MOC)
  • Monet
  • Moratelindo International Cable System-1 (MIC-1)
  • N0R5KE Viking
  • National Digital Transmission Network (NDTN)
  • Nationwide Submarine Cable Ooredoo Maldives (NaSCOM)
  • Nelson-Levin
  • New Cross Pacific (NCP) Cable System
  • Nigeria Cameroon Submarine Cable System (NCSCS)
  • NordBalt
  • North Sea Connect (NSC)
  • North West Cable System
  • Northern Lights
  • NorthStar
  • Nunavut Undersea Fibre Optic Network System
  • NYNJ-1
  • Okinawa Cellular Cable
  • Oman Australia Cable (OAC)
  • OMRAN/EPEG Cable System
  • Oran-Valencia (ORVAL)
  • Orient Express
  • OTEGLOBE Kokkini-Bari
  • Pacific Caribbean Cable System (PCCS)
  • Pacific Crossing-1 (PC-1)
  • Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN)
  • Palapa Ring East
  • Palapa Ring Middle
  • Palapa Ring West
  • Palawa-Iloilo Cable System
  • Pan American (PAN-AM)
  • Pan European Crossing (UK-Belgium)
  • Pan European Crossing (UK-Ireland)
  • Pan-American Crossing (PAC)
  • Paniolo Cable Network
  • PEACE Cable
  • PENBAL-5
  • Pencan-8
  • Pencan-9
  • Persona
  • Picot-1
  • PIPE Pacific Cable-1 (PPC-1)
  • Pishgaman Oman Iran (POI) Network
  • PLDT Domestic Fiber Optic Network (DFON)
  • Polar Circle Cable
  • Prat
  • Qatar-U.A.E. Submarine Cable System
  • Quintillion Subsea Cable Network
  • RedeIlhabela-1
  • Rockabill
  • Russia-Japan Cable Network (RJCN)
  • Rønne-Rødvig
  • S-U-B Cable System
  • Saba, Statia Cable System (SSCS)
  • SABR
  • SAFE
  • Saint Maarten Puerto Rico Network One (SMPR-1)
  • Sakhalin-Kuril Islands Cable
  • Samoa-American Samoa (SAS)
  • San Andres Isla Tolu Submarine Cable (SAIT)
  • SAT-3/WASC
  • Saudi Arabia-Sudan-1 (SAS-1)
  • Saudi Arabia-Sudan-2 (SAS-2)
  • Scandinavian Ring North
  • Scandinavian Ring South
  • Scotland-Northern Ireland 1
  • Scotland-Northern Ireland 2
  • SEA-US
  • sea2shore
  • Seabras-1
  • SEACOM/Tata TGN-Eurasia
  • SeaMeWe-3
  • SeaMeWe-4
  • SeaMeWe-5
  • SEAX-1
  • Segunda FOS Canal de Chacao
  • Seychelles to East Africa System (SEAS)
  • SHEFA-2
  • Silphium
  • Singapore-Myanmar (SIGMAR)
  • Sirius North
  • Sirius South
  • Sistem Kabel Rakyat 1Malaysia (SKR1M)
  • SJJK
  • Skagenfiber East
  • Skagenfiber West
  • Skagerrak 4
  • SMPCS Packet-1
  • SMPCS Packet-2
  • Solas
  • Sorsogon-Samar Submarine Fiber Optical Interconnection Project (SSSFOIP)
  • South America-1 (SAm-1)
  • South American Crossing (SAC)
  • South Asia Express (SAEx2)
  • South Atlantic Cable System (SACS)
  • South Atlantic Express (SAEx1)
  • South Atlantic Inter Link (SAIL)
  • Southeast Asia Japan Cable (SJC)
  • Southeast Asia-Japan Cable 2 (SJC2)
  • Southern Caribbean Fiber
  • Southern Cross Cable Network (SCCN)
  • Southern Cross NEXT
  • Pierre and Miquelon Cable
  • Thomas-St. Croix System
  • Strategic Evolution Underwater Link (SEUL)
  • Subcan Link 1
  • Subcan Link 2
  • Sumatera Bangka Cable System (SBCS)
  • Suriname-Guyana Submarine Cable System (SG-SCS)
  • Svalbard Undersea Cable System
  • Swansea-Brean
  • Sweden-Estonia (EE-S 1)
  • Sweden-Finland 4 (SFS-4)
  • Sweden-Finland Link (SFL)
  • Sweden-Latvia
  • SxS
  • Taba-Aqaba
  • Taino-Carib
  • Taiwan Strait Express-1 (TSE-1)
  • Tamares North
  • Tampnet Offshore FOC Network
  • Tangerine
  • Tanjun Pandan-Sungai Kakap Cable System
  • Tannat
  • Tarakan Selor Cable System (TSCS)
  • Tasman Global Access (TGA) Cable
  • TAT-14
  • Tata TGN-Atlantic
  • Tata TGN-Gulf
  • Tata TGN-Intra Asia (TGN-IA)
  • Tata TGN-Pacific
  • Tata TGN-Tata Indicom
  • Tata TGN-Western Europe
  • TE North/TGN-Eurasia/SEACOM/Alexandros/Medex
  • Telstra Endeavour
  • Thailand-Indonesia-Singapore (TIS)
  • The East African Marine System (TEAMS)
  • Tobrok-Emasaed Cable System
  • Tonga Cable
  • Tonga Domestic Cable Extension (TDCE)
  • Trans-Pacific Express (TPE) Cable System
  • Transworld (TW1)
  • Trapani-Kelibia
  • TT-1
  • Tui-Samoa
  • Turcyos-1
  • Turcyos-2
  • Tverrlinken
  • UAE-Iran
  • UK-Channel Islands-7
  • UK-Channel Islands-8
  • UK-Netherlands 14
  • Ultramar GE
  • Ulysses 2
  • Unisur
  • Unity/EAC-Pacific
  • Venezuela Festoon
  • Vodafone Malta-Sicily Cable System (VMSCS)
  • WARF Submarine Cable
  • West African Cable System (WACS)
  • Yellow

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