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World capitals 🔝 Interactive 3D map

Looking for World capitals? In this article we show you World cities as you have never seen it. All world cities in a spectacular World cities interactive 3D map.

If you want to see World cities and locate it, on this website you have an interactive map of the earth in 3D with all capitals of each country in the world.

Interactive 3D world capitals map

World cities map

Explore worldwide satellite imagery and 3D best World Cities. This map allows people to click on any of major world cities such a New York, London, Paris, Mumbai, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney… It is a world cities definition of all World Capital Cities.

world of cities

Are you looking for how many world heritage sites are there?. In total, the UNESCO list includes 1,121 monuments in 167 countries as world heritage sites.

Top 10 world’s oldest cities in 2021

10. Damascus, Syria

 Year Founded or First Inhabited: c.3000 – 2000 BCE
 Current Population: 2,079,000 (2019 estimate)

9. Luxor, Egypt

 Year Founded or First Inhabited: c.3200 BCE as the ancient city of Thebes
 Current Population: 1,328,429 (last count in 2020)
 Total Area: 161 sq mi (416 km²)

8. Athens, Greece

 Year Founded or First Inhabited: c.4000 BCE
 Current Population: 3,781,274 (metro) (last count in 2012)
 Total Area: 1,130.784 sq mi (2,928.717 km²) (metro)

7. Susa, Iran (modern-day Shush, Iran)

 Year Founded or First Inhabited: c.4200 BCE
 Current Population: 77,148 (last count in 2016)
 Total Area: Unspecified

6. Jerusalem

 Year Founded or First Inhabited: c.4500 – 3500 BCE
 Current Population: 936,425 (last count in 2019)
 Total Area: 48.323 sq mi (125.156 km²)

5. Argos, Greece

 Year Founded or First Inhabited: c.5000 BCE
 Current Population: 22,085 (last count in 2011)
 Total Area: 53.34 sq mi (138.138 km²)

4. Aleppo, Syria

 Year Founded or First Inhabited: c.5000 BCE
 Current Population: 1.85 million (2018 estimate)
 Total Area: 70 sq mi (190 km²)

3. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

 Year Founded or First Inhabited: c.6000 – 5000 BCE
 Current Population: 346,893 (last count in 2018)
 Total Area: 39.37 sq mi (101.98 km²)

2. Byblos, Lebanon

 Year Founded or First Inhabited: c.8800 – 7000 BCE
 Current Population: ~140,000
 Total Area: 2 sq mi (5 km²)

1. Jericho, West Bank

 Year Founded or First Inhabited: c.9600 – 9000 BCE
 Current Population: ~20,300 (last count in 2006)
 Total Area: 22.665 sq mi (58.701 km²)

World cities population ranking

Dou you want to see world cities with highest population? Here is a Ranking World cities by population and world cities list:

1- Tokyo (Population: 37,435,191)
2 – Delhi (Population: 29,399,141)
3 – Shanghai (Population: 26,317,104)
4 – Sao Paulo (Population: 21,846,507)
5 – Mexico City (Population: 21,671,908)
6 – Cairo (Population: 20,484,965)
7 – Dhaka (Population: 20,283,552)
8 – Mumbai (Population: 20,185,064)
9 – Beijing (Population: 20,035,455)
10 – Osaka (Population: 19,222,665)

TOP 5 safest cities in the world

We have collected and researched various data sources, in which we recommend these 5 cities around the world that we believe will be the safest for travelers in 2021:

  1. Tokyo, gets an A+ for safety from both The Economist and Numbeo. It didn’t rank as highly among American travelers, coming in eighth overall, behind Miami.
  2. London, Our travelers and the safety indices agree: London is a safe city to visit no matter how you choose to measure it.
  3. Dubai, When it comes to low crime rates, it’s hard to beat Dubai. The emirates’ jewel city has also done an exceptional job controlling the pandemic – not a part of the rankings, but noteworthy nonetheless.
  4. Madrid, Independent safety measures give Madrid high marks. It’s also rated highly by Millennials, middle-aged travelers, and Matures.
  5. Berlin, ranked sixth among American travelers and checked in at fifth overall, so that’s a pretty good sign that everyone agrees on Berlin’s safety.

World cities with 5g

South Korea, China, and the United States are the countries that lead the world in building and deploying 5G technology.

Only three of the cities in the 5G global top ten are capital cities: Riyadh, Tokyo, and Dublin. The following cities have the most 5G networks across the globe. These data are in continuous growth.

  • Seoul, South Korea – 83 networks available
  • Los Angeles, USA – 40 networks available
  • London, UK – 35 networks available
  • Miami, USA – 14 networks available
  • Las Vegas, USA – 13 networks available
  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong – 8 networks available
  • Dubai, UAE – 8 networks available
  • New York City, USA – 5 networks available
  • Shenzhen, China – 3 networks available
  • Shanghai, China – 3 networks available
  • Mecca, Saudi Arabia– 3 networks available
  • Guangzhou, China – 3 networks available
  • Rome, Italy – 2 networks available
  • Barcelona, Spain – 1 network available
  • Bangkok, Thailand – 1 network available

World cities clock

If you want t see all world cities clock, here we leave you an interactive clock map.


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