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Are you looking for things to do in Rome? Ostia Antica: Archaeological Park Entry Ticket and Pemcards, it is a good idea if you are going to visit Italy because in this city doing this activity, is one of the things that you should not miss. Currently, Rome is one of the most visited destinations in Italy, notable for its leisure establishments and activities that you can do throughout the day and is one of the favorite destinations for foreigners. To make your life easier the next time you visit this beautiful city we have prepared the best experience in Rome.

Ostia Antica: Archaeological Park Entry Ticket and Pemcards
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Things to do in Rome

What to see and do in Rome? There are many places of interest to visit in Rome, but this time you should not miss in this city.

Ostia Antica: Archaeological Park Entry Ticket and Pemcards from 18.30$

Rome Tour Description

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Discover the ancient Roman city of Ostia Antica with an entry ticket to this archaeological site. Explore the remarkably well-preserved area and admire its magnificent building, frescoes, and mosaics.

What will you do in this Rome tour experience?

Step back in time and wander through the beautifully-preserved streets and villas of ancient Ostia, a coastal city just outside of Rome. Explore the archaeological park at your own pace, imagine life here thousands of years ago, and send a unique postcard to friends or family.According to legend, Ancus Marcius, king of Rome, founded Ostia in 620 BC as a Roman colony on the mouth of the Tiber. The remains of the town were later covered in silt from the river, leaving buildings, frescoes, and mosaics preserved in excellent condition and providing a vivid picture of ancient life.Walk through the archaeological park and check out its many highlights. These include two-story Roman apartment blocks and the seaside villas of Procoio which contain a large bath complex and an amphitheater lined with striking theatrical masks made from stone.As part of this experience, you can turn your own digital photos into a postcard to send to friends and family anywhere in the world.

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