Are you looking for things to do in Bethlehem? Half-Day Nativity Church and Bethlehem Tour, it is a good idea if you are going to visit “Palestinian Territory, Occupied” because in this city doing this activity, is one of the things that you should not miss. Currently, Bethlehem is one of the most visited destinations in “Palestinian Territory, Occupied”, notable for its leisure establishments and activities that you can do throughout the day and is one of the favorite destinations for foreigners. To make your life easier the next time you visit this beautiful city we have prepared the best experience in Bethlehem.

Half-Day Nativity Church and Bethlehem Tour
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Things to do in Bethlehem

What to see and do in Bethlehem? There are many places of interest to visit in Bethlehem, but this time you should not miss in this city.

Half-Day Nativity Church and Bethlehem Tour from €68.48$

Bethlehem Tour Description

One of the things to do in Bethlehem, is this experience based on 14 reviews:

“Spend a half day in Bethlehem exploring the holiest sites in the city, including the place where Jesus was born, and where his birth was announced. Spend most of your time exploring the Nativity Church in depth.”

What will you do in this Bethlehem tour experience?

“Most travelers come away from Bethlehem saying that they did not get to spend enough time in the Nativity Church—this tour was created specifically with this in mind. This tour is an excellent choice for those staying in Tel Aviv who want to explore Bethlehem, but particularly want to explore the Nativity Church as much as possible, along with an expert guide.  

The Nativity Church was built in the 4th century in the place where Jesus was born, and is the oldest complete church in the Christian religion. It was built over the cave venerated as Christ’s birthplace, and was spared by the Persians when they saw a mosaic on an interior wall depicting the Three Wise Men in Persian dress. Today’s Church of the Nativity is cool and dark, its interior bare, with no pews. It’s cloaked in wall mosaics from the 12th century depicting saints, angels and Church Councils, which have had their sheen restored. Restoration even uncovered a 2-meter mosaic of an angel that had been lost for centuries. Trapdoors in the floor also allow glimpses of the mosaic floor of Constantine’s basilica.  

After an in-depth visit of the Nativity Church, your guide will explore with you the rest of Bethlehem, starting with the Church of the Shepherd’s field, where the angels announced the birth of Christ. Then, visit an olive wood factory, as well as Manger Square, and some of Banksy’s art on the Wall of Bethlehem.”

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