Are you looking for things to do in Flores? From Flores: Tikal Ruins Day Tour, it is a good idea if you are going to visit “Guatemala, Republic of” because in this city doing this activity, is one of the things that you should not miss. Currently, Flores is one of the most visited destinations in “Guatemala, Republic of”, notable for its leisure establishments and activities that you can do throughout the day and is one of the favorite destinations for foreigners. To make your life easier the next time you visit this beautiful city we have prepared the best experience in Flores.

From Flores: Tikal Ruins Day Tour
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Things to do in Flores

What to see and do in Flores? There are many places of interest to visit in Flores, but this time you should not miss in this city.

From Flores: Tikal Ruins Day Tour from €36.14$

Flores Tour Description

One of the things to do in Flores, is this experience based on 70 reviews:

Embark on an unforgettable guided tour to the Tikal Mayan Ruins site from the town of Flores. Explore the ancient archeological site and marvel at the wonderful Mayan temples and native wildlife.

What will you do in this Flores tour experience?

“Tour the Tikal Mayan Ruins on a day trip from Flores. Enjoy a stunning sunrise before driving through the wild jungle and hiking through the breathtaking ruins with a local guide.
Meet your driver at the meeting point by the entrance to Flores island. Drive out from the city towards the archaeoligical site and watch the sky burst into crimson color with the sunrise.
Enter the jungle as you continue your adventure and be introduced to your guide at the start of the winding forest trails. Start hiking and admire the scenery as you trek, discovering the temples, pyramids, ruins, and palaces of the Mayans.
Listen to the chirping birds and spot monkeys swinging through the trees. Learn about the history of Mayan culture and how these wonders of archaeology were built and used.”

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