Are you looking for things to do in Bühl? Buhl: House Running Outdoor Sport Adventure, it is a good idea if you are going to visit Germany because in this city doing this activity, is one of the things that you should not miss. Currently, Bühl is one of the most visited destinations in Germany, notable for its leisure establishments and activities that you can do throughout the day and is one of the favorite destinations for foreigners. To make your life easier the next time you visit this beautiful city we have prepared the best experience in Bühl.

Buhl: House Running Outdoor Sport Adventure
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Things to do in Bühl

What to see and do in Bühl? There are many places of interest to visit in Bühl, but this time you should not miss in this city.

Buhl: House Running Outdoor Sport Adventure from 55.00$

Bühl Tour Description

One of the things to do in Bühl, is this experience based on 1320 reviews:

Seek the thrill of house running under an instructor’s supervision in Buhl and descend 50 meters down the wall. Kick off, tip over the edge, and run along the side of the wall.

What will you do in this Bühl tour experience?

Run down the wall of a 50-meter-high building in Buhl, roped to a special construction harness, on this house-running adventure tour. Get the first kick when you tip over the edge, then go vertically down and feel the adrenaline rush.Upon arrival, be greeted by the staff in the lounge. Go through a safety briefing and put on your helmet and climbing harness. Then it’s up the stairs to the exit for your house running experience.Experience the wackiest walk of your life as you abseil down the side of a building, face first. After overcoming the first steps, the pace is up to you. You can go for a sprint or enjoy the beautiful view on a walk.Feel the thrill as you watch the ground come closer. With your gaze lowered towards the bottom, walk inch by inch. After your house-running adventure, take off your harness and head back to the lounge to relax.

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