What are the countries where you can travel without restrictions in Europe? A score of destinations have decided to eliminate any protocol that affects tourists from Spain and other member countries of the EU or Schengen area. Learn about the countries of EUROPE that have lifted partial or total TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS.

travel without restrictions in Europe

Where travel without restrictions in Europe?

there are more and more countries to which you can travel outside of Spain, many of them without restrictions or, at least, with freedom to enter and move around its territory by plane, by road or any other means of operational transport, always respecting the regulations of the country of destination. Find out where you can travel and the policies regarding COVID-19.

Countries that have eliminated the Covid protocol

A United Kingdom, Sweden, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Iceland and Hungary who were the first to eliminate these Covid protocols for passengers are now also joined by the following countries to: travel without restrictions in Europe.

Denmark since last April 13, travelers to Europe no longer need to present tests or negative tests for coronavirus or the vaccination certificate to enter the country.

Poland this country lifted the restrictions a few days after Denmark and since April 19 the country can be accessed without any Covid protocol.

Slovakia, Romania and Finland restrictions were lifted on April 21 to access

latvia opened its borders without Covid restrictions for passengers on April 22, this implies that it is no longer necessary to present proof of vaccination, or negative results to enter the country.

Luxembourg Since last April 26, this small country lifted all its restrictions against the coronavirus for travelers. Even the smallest countries sign up for total opening. As of April 26, all COVID-19 travel restrictions in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg have been lifted, so travelers do not need to provide proof of vaccination, recovery from COVID-19, or negative test results.

Estonia also since April 26, lifted the restrictions for the members of the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Greece which since May 1 already allows entry to travelers from Europe and the Schengen area.

Bulgaria has lifted all kinds of restrictions on travel since May 1. In other words, the country says goodbye to vaccination tests, confinements, monitoring forms or antigen tests. Free way to visit Plodvid, the Bachkovo monastery and the landscapes of the Central Mountains.

European countries lifting travel restrictions

If you prefer to see which countries you can travel to without problems due to restrictions in Europe, we recommend that you watch the following video podcast on tourism in Europe.

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