SAINT LUCIA 2022 Entry Requirements【UPDATED】

Looking for the Saint Lucia entry requirements? If you are thinking of traveling to Saint Lucia, at we have up-to-date information on Saint Lucia entry requirements. Everything you need to know to travel to Saint Lucia and what forms you need to fill out to be able to enter without problems.

Saint Lucia entry requirements

Saint Lucia entry requirements

SAINT LUCIA ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: All arrivals in Saint Lucia do not require quarantine.

St. Lucia Fully vaccinated travelers* – NO PROOF REQUIRED

There is not no pre-trip test requirement for travelers with all vaccinations. Fully vaccinated travelers must provide a valid vaccination record as requested at check-in, for boarding, and upon entry into Saint Lucia.

*Fully vaccinated means two weeks have passed since the second dose of a two-dose vaccine, or since a single-dose vaccine. Proof of vaccination must be presented upon entering Saint Lucia.

Unvaccinated travelers from Saint Lucia

Unvaccinated travelers over 5 years of age must have a COVID-19 standard PCR test valid refusal made within 5 days before of arrival.< /p>

What is required to travel to Saint Lucia?

These are the entry requirements to Saint Lucia:

  • Vaccinated travelers: your proof of vaccination
  • Unvaccinated Travelers: Your Test Results
  • All Travelers: Health Assessment Form

The health assessment form must be downloaded, printed, and completed prior to disembarkation in St. Lucia to facilitate processing upon arrival.


The test (sample collection) must be administered or supervised by a healthcare professional; unattended self-swab is not acceptable. Please check test details carefully with the supplier before booking a test


Nasopharyngeal swab, oropharyngeal swab, nasal swab, oropharyngeal swab, anterior nostril swab, and middle turbinate swab, swab collection by a healthcare professional, self-administered swab collection supervised by a healthcare professional.


LAMP tests, unsupervised self-administered tests, home kits, saliva samples.

IMPORTANT!!! Test results SHOULD include:

  • The name, address, and phone number of the lab where the sample was taken
  • Your name (make sure it is registered correctly and must match the name on your passport/travel document)
  • Your date of birth (make sure it is correctly recorded)
  • The date the sample was collected – should appear as the date the sample was collected – ‘test date’ will not be accepted
  • The type of test and the test method
  • The test result

Passengers arriving without evidence or with the wrong type of evidence They will be retested upon arrival at their own expense and will be required to quarantine until the test result is known.

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