if you’re thinking about Travel to Italyyou must first know the Requirements to travel to Italy so we have many tasks before planning the trip to Italy, one of them is how to fill in the PLF to enter Italy in addition to another series of procedures necessary to enter the country by air or land that we will explain below.

Requirements to travel to Italy

What to know about the changes in the requirements to travel to Italy?

Learn about the New Changes that ITALY has made in its TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS in 2022. The restrictions due to covid-19 are becoming more flexible throughout the world, the low number of positive cases allows countries to relax and free their borders. In Italy they join this new wave and announce new measures to enter their territories.

Those who plan to travel to Europe before flying there should know what the measures are that apply in each country, in this you have to be vigilant as they are constantly changing. Italy, for example, this Sunday, May 1, relaxed some of the restrictions imposed to combat the spread of covid-19. The decision coincides just with the arrival of the summer holidays.

How to travel to Italy in 2022?

From May 1, those arriving in Italy will no longer have to fill out the European Union location form that was presented at the airport counter.

In addition, Italy also canceled the use of the health pass, which shows proof of vaccination, that the carrier has recovered from the virus or a recent negative diagnostic test, which had been required to enter cinemas, restaurants, gyms and other venues.

Another of the changes that arrived in Italy corresponds to the use of a mask or face mask indoors. They will no longer be used in supermarkets, offices and stores. It is still required to be used on public transportation, movie theaters, and any health care facility or nursing home.

Traveling to Italy – Changes in Potcast video requirements

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