Which are the requirements to travel to Argentina? Learn about the CHANGES in the Requirements to TRAVEL to ARGENTINA in 2022 and how to fill out the affidavit to travel to Argentina.

Requirements to travel to Argentina:

Updated requirements for those who want to leave the country, but it was also done in the case of income from Argentines and residents; what documents must be submitted?

requirements to travel to Argentina

Migrations updated the new measures to travel abroad, in order to gradually return to the same way it was done before the coronavirus pandemic arrived. coronavirus. Based on this new provision announced this Friday by the National government, were updated too the new procedures to enter Argentina.

According to the director of Migrations, Florencia Carignano, Argentines traveling outside the country will no longer have to complete the Affidavit so that data will now be loaded directly by a migration inspector. This counts for those who leave both by land and by air, which until that date had to be carried by the same travelers. The measure had been imposed about two years ago after a temporary provision of the Government, focused on the prevention and spread of the coronavirus pandemic, emerged in March 2020.

However, and in order to simplify the requirements to enter the country, The new immigration procedures for Argentines and residents in the country were published. Until Thursday, an Argentine had to present PCR and his vaccination schedule, while as of Friday you have to fill out the affidavit and indicate whether or not you are vaccinated or if you have symptoms.

Recommendations for those entering the country

The national government also recommended to people who have incomplete vaccination schedule and that they undergo a diagnostic test within 24 hours after entering the country. If a positive or suspected case of Covid-19 is detected or reported at the point of entry, the Contingency Plan for that Point of Entry will be activated.

What are the immigration procedures for Argentines and residents who wish to enter Argentina?

Argentines and residents must complete the affidavit to enter the national territory within 48 hours prior to travel. For minors or persons declared ‘incapable’ by court ruling, the DDJJ must be completed by their legal representatives. People over 70 years of age are exempt from the obligation to complete the DDJJ electronically. Those who enter the country for a period of less than 24 hours will be exempt from this procedure. and do it by land.

What should non-resident foreigners do in Argentina?

Argentines and residents must complete the affidavit at least 48 hours before the trip. Submit Covid-19 health insurance (Coverage of hospitalization, isolation and/or medical transfer services). Those who enter the country for a period of less than 24 hours will be exempted. and do it by land. Those non-resident foreigners of Ukrainian nationality or from that country, while they remain in a transitory migratory situation, must have Covid-19 health insurance if they do not have any other form of health coverage.

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