Recommendations for your trip abroad

Recommendations on trips abroad for adults

Searching recommendations on trips abroad for adults? When traveling, you leave behind the support networks of family and friends, as well as the services and medical assistance offered by the different government agencies in your country. The network of consulates and embassies of your country in the world will do everything in its power to support you if you have severe difficulties abroad. However, there are very clear scopes and limits as to what we can do for you.

Recommendations on trips abroad for adults

Recommendations on trips abroad for older adults

Like any other person, we recommend that before making the trip you reports on the destiny you want to visit: altitude, weather, health hazards and available medical services. Also, consult about the necessary documents that will allow you to access the place, such as passport, visa, vaccination certificate, among others.

Before traveling abroad:

Some recommendations on trips abroad before traveling:

    • Take into account the effects that the climate or geography of the destination may have on you. You have to anticipate if the humidity, height or some other characteristic of your destination can have negative effects on your health. It is important to have a medical check-up between 6 and 4 weeks before traveling. In the medical consultation they will be able to give you the necessary prescriptions and medical prescriptions, as well as issue specific recommendations to keep you in the best conditions during the trip.
    • If you need to take medicines, make sure you take enough quantities (even a little more) in the original containers duly identified, the necessary implements to supply the medicine and the medical prescription indicating the condition to be treated, as well as the required doses. It is also advisable to carry a minimum medical kit. Finally, if you wear glasses to see, it’s also good practice to carry an extra pair for any eventuality. You can go to a travel medicine clinic to receive specialized care on the case.
    • It is also essential to have travel insurance. Review the clauses carefully to ensure that the coverage is adequate for your needs or to deal with a possible emergency abroad.
    • If you have any condition or type of disability that requires special attention, it is important to contact the airline in advance to verify what services and facilities they can provide you.

During the travel abroad:

Recommendations on trips abroad during your stay:

    • In the airport. It is a good idea to wear comfortable clothes. In addition, older people should go to the airport well in advance due to the possible trips that have to be made. If you have difficulty getting around, you can request a wheelchair from the airline or the airport itself to make it easier.
    • During the flight, if the trip is long, it is advisable to walk through the corridors every two hours, to reactivate the circulation of the extremities and avoid the appearance of clots in the legs or possible muscle contractures. If possible, the use of the first rows is recommended in order to receive prompt attention from the flight attendant.
    • At the destination, it is not advisable to visit places whose activities require radical changes in schedule. Likewise, it must be taken into account that the additional physical activity that is carried out while traveling can be strenuous, in addition to the fact that sudden changes in diet and climate can have serious consequences on health if preventive measures are not taken. There are travel agencies specializing in the care of older adults that can help organize trips with the best conditions for this type of traveler.

In the event of an eventuality or if you require assistance abroad, immediately contact your nearest consulate or embassy in your country. And do not forget to register your travel itinerary in the Registry of your country abroad.

Additionally, the National Institute for the Care of Older Adults (INAPAM) offers information, recommendations and services that may be useful for those who are planning a trip abroad.

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