Recommendations for your trip abroad

Recommendations for traveling abroad for young people

If you are young and you are thinking of traveling abroad, it is better that you consult before recommendations for traveling abroad for young people to know everything before embarking on your journey.

Recommendations for traveling abroad for young people

Recommendations for traveling abroad for young people

Before travelling:

    • Pack a minimum first-aid kit with health and hygiene products that could be useful to you, such as aspirin or mild pain relievers, grape salts, disinfectants, adhesive bands, sanitary towels, repellents, sunscreen and condoms, among others.


    • Act wisely and do not take unnecessary risks.
    • Choose safe transportation options (even if they are a bit more expensive).
    • Take danger notices seriously, for example on beaches.
    • Know and respect local laws and customs.
    • Take the minimum hygiene and health precautions. Avoid diseases and infections.
    • Travel with other people and take care of your companions.
    • Regularly contact your loved ones and notify them of any change in plans on your trip.
    • Avoid transporting prohibited objects or substances, such as weapons and drugs.

When you go out partying:

    • Let your loved ones know about your party plans.
    • Plan your return in advance (especially if you don’t know the city well). Check the availability and schedules of public transport. Get the phone number of a safe taxi site.
    • As much as possible, go out in the company of more people you can trust. Already at the party, do not leave anyone behind. Don’t leave unannounced or with unknown people either.
    • Avoid consuming alcohol in excess and hydrate yourself constantly.
    • Trying drugs or prohibited substances, in addition to the fact that you can put your health at risk, doing so could have serious legal consequences. Having a foreign nationality does not exempt you from complying with the law.
    • To avoid theft, do not leave your belongings unattended.
    • Keep your food and drink in sight and do not accept drinks or food from unknown people, to avoid being a victim of theft or abuse. In case you feel dizzy or strange sensations, tell someone you trust so that they can accompany you to a safe place. If the one who feels bad is your friend, keep her company, take her to a safe place and, if necessary, get medical help.
    • If you think the establishment you’re at is too crowded or doesn’t meet minimum security standards, find somewhere else to continue the party.
    • Before you go in or order, be sure to ask about admission fees and prices to avoid bad experiences.
    • Avoid getting involved in fights.

Recommendations for traveling abroad for young people if you have problems

In the event of an eventuality or if you require assistance abroad, immediately contact your nearest consulate or embassy in your country. And do not forget to register your travel itinerary in the Registry of your country abroad.

Additionally, your country’s Youth Institute offers information, recommendations for traveling abroad for young people and services that may be useful for those who are planning a trip abroad.

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