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PLF Ireland【2022】

Are you going to travel to Ireland? If your answer is yes, you will need to complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF Ireland) or also called the COVID-19 Passenger Locator Form before arriving in Ireland. This online form helps in contact tracing. The Ireland plf form will help medical personnel to carry out epidemiological investigations and ensure sanitary measures. You can complete this form up to 72 hours before you arrive in Ireland.

plf ireland

The information you provide may be used for public health advice and contact tracing purposes in relation to confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19. Where it is indicated that you intend to travel to Northern Ireland, your details will be shared with the Northern Ireland Public Health Agency for the purpose of contact tracing and providing relevant public health information and advice.

Before traveling to Ireland (plf Ireland form)

All passengers must complete a Passenger Tracking Form prior to departure for Ireland. Before boarding, passengers must complete the Passenger Tracking Form (PLF) available in this article at the end we leave you a link.

Before boarding, passengers must present this form obtained either in print or on their mobile phone. The form must be completed by everyone entering Ireland and traveling by air, rail, road or sea.

Who does not have to present the plf Ireland?

By law, passengers arriving in Ireland from abroad must complete this form, with the exception of the following:

  • International transport workers with Annex 3 certificate.
  • Drivers of a heavy vehicle.
  • Those with diplomatic privileges and immunity.

How to complete the ireland plf form?

One form must be completed for each passenger 18 years of age or older. Details of children under the age of 18 must be included on a form completed by an accompanying adult, including name, age and proof of medical event.

To complete the passenger locator form, you must provide your email address, where you will be sent a verification code to log in and complete the form. A passenger, when completing a passenger locator form, can include up to 7 child details on one form. The lead passenger’s mobile phone number must be provided.

Information needed for the PLF Ireland

When you fill in the Ireland localization form, you will be asked for the following information, so have the information at hand to complete it more quickly:

  • Mobile phone number that you will use when in Ireland. The mobile phone number does not have to be the passenger’s own, it can be the phone number of another member of the travel party, a friend or family member. This is necessary to provide you with public health information or advice related to COVID-19 and may be used for contact tracing purposes.
  • Your e-mail.
  • Place of residence when you stay in Ireland.
  • Information about how you arrived in Ireland (for example: airline or ferry name, flight/ferry number)
  • Passport details of all passengers

What do you have to declare on the trip to Ireland:

You must make the following declarations:

  • If you have valid proof of vaccination. Effective February 1, 2022, vaccination certificates from the primary vaccination series will not be accepted for travel if more than 270 days have elapsed since the last dose of the primary vaccination series. Immunization certificates based on booster/additional doses are not affected by this.
  • If you have valid proof that you have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 180 days.
    If you have evidence of a pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test performed no more than 72 hours prior to arrival.

PLF forms for children

Details of children under the age of 18 must be included on the form completed by the responsible adult accompanying them, all children must be declared on a COVID-19 Passenger Locator Form.
Unaccompanied children age 12 and older must complete their own COVID-19 Passenger Locator Form and children age 11 and under do not need to show a negative test.

PLF Ireland Application

To request the plf Ireland form access this page and complete the form. Once you access this section, you only have to select your nationality and your country of residence and continue the steps to complete the plf Ireland and you will be able to travel to this country. Quickly access the official form to be able to fly to Ireland:

After completing this form, you will receive an email containing a receipt. This receipt verifies that you have completed the Passenger Locator Form. You will be required to show this receipt when you board your plane or ferry. On arrival in Ireland, you may also need to show this receipt to border officials.

Notice: The IRELAND PLF is a compulsory form to enter Irish territory regardless of your nationality (European citizens are also subject to this obligation) and regardless of your mode of transport: by plane, by ship or by land (car, bus, train) included.

The information in this article has been obtained from locator-form (plf ireland) on 01/23/2022 and what is described in this post today may vary due to the changing circumstances of the current pandemic and the new regulations that each government may apply.

Frequently asked questions for traveling to Ireland

Can I be fined if I don’t have the plf Ireland?

The answer is yes, with a fine or imprisonment, or both.

When do I have to complete the plf to Ireland?

You can complete this form up to 72 hours before you arrive in Ireland.

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