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Are you thinking of traveling around Europe? Find out before traveling, because you will surely need to fill out the plf form. If you are looking for information on how to get the eu plf locator form corresponding to each country, we are going to help you get the digital plf of the country you are going to visit.

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plf locator form

What to know about the plf-form?

According to the decision of different governments, it is mandatory that all incoming passengers (regardless of their nationality) arriving in a country in the European Union have completed the Passenger Locator Form (PLF). the Passenger Locator Form (PLF).

Countries in which it is mandatory to submit the plf-form:

Currently there are several countries where it is mandatory to present the plf form to enter, we leave you here an updated list so that you can choose more information about the country you want to travel to. Select your destination country and you will access all the necessary information to be able to enter.

Information about the PLF Location Form

All passengers arriving on international flights must complete a PLF form and if the PLF form is not completed, the competent authority may impose administrative sanctions. Passengers will receive a QR code that is used to identify that the plf form has been filled out.

Passengers must have a QR code in electronic or printed form upon arrival and be able to present it to the authorities. If the passenger does not complete the PLF and does not have a PLF receipt or QR code, boarding will be denied. For urgent trips within 24 hours before the flight, the authorities will investigate on a case-by-case basis.

PLF in the destination country

Each country has its own policy regarding who must complete the PLF (some countries choose in case a family is traveling together, only one member of the family must complete the PLF and other countries require each adult person to complete a Individual PLF).

For specific requirements on how to complete the form, see the section Countries in which it is mandatory to submit the plf form and select the country you are traveling to to read its protocol.

You may be interested in traveling to other countries

If you need information about other countries to fill out their respective plf forms, contact us and we will help you fill out the plf form to travel. Each country asks for a series of requirements, so it is important that you inform yourself well before traveling.

If you are traveling to another destination and/or want to check if travel restrictions apply, please consult the European Union tool entitled Re-open EU by clicking here.

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