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PLF Belgium【2022】

If you plan to travel to Belgium, or if you return to Belgium, after a trip abroad, you will need the Passenger Location Form Belgium (PLF Belgium) which is an online form that must be completed before traveling, so if you need to travel to Belgium you have to fill out the Belgium plf.

PLF Bélgica
plf brussels

The Belgium Passenger Location Form is a requirement for all travelers who intend to spend at least 48 hours in the country. The form will help officials to monitor the public health situation in Belgium. To complete the online form, Passenger Locator Form within 48 hours prior to your arrival in Belgium. Find out here the latest travel tips and everything related to the brussels plf, how to fill it out, where to download it and everything you need to know to go to Belgium.

Who must complete the Belgium plf?

People going to Belgium, except: If they stay less than 48 hours in Belgium, they return after a stay abroad of less than 48 hours, travelers going to Belgium by plane or boat, people traveling by train or bus from a country outside the EU

What to do if there is a change of address during your stay?

If you need to test for Covid-19 and if you change your place of residence within the next 14 days, you must communicate this change to the email address


All travelers must complete the passenger location form prior to arrival. This includes citizens returning to Belgium and visitors who spend at least 48 hours in the country. People who have been to countries in very high risk areas at any time in the last 14 days are prohibited from traveling. See the Quarantine FAQ for related guidelines.

PLF Belgium application

To request the Belgium plf form access this page and complete the form. Once you access this section, you only have to select your nationality and your country of residence and continue the steps to complete the plf Belgium and you will be able to travel to this country. Quickly access the official form to be able to fly to Belgium:

Notice: The Belgium PLF is a mandatory form to enter Belgian territory regardless of their nationality (European citizens are also subject to this obligation) and regardless of your mode of transport: by plane, by boat or by land (car, bus, train) included.

The information in this article has been obtained at:; on 01/09/2022 and described today in this post It may vary due to the changing circumstances of the current pandemic and the new regulations that each government may apply.

ATTENTION: You must ALWAYS complete the PLF in the following cases, whether or not you stay in Belgium for less than 48 hours or have been abroad for less than 48 hours.

In case there is a change in your place of residence: If, upon arrival in Belgium, you are invited to get a COVID-19 test and would change your place of residence during the next 14 days, please inform us of this change by e-mail at

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IF you need information from other countries to fill out their respective forms, contact us and we will help you fill out the passenger location form to travel.We have compiled all the plfs of Europe so that when you have to visit any country, you know the restrictions and requirements to be able to travel safely and comply with the regulations of each country regarding restrictions and requirements.

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