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The most beautiful of Nerja Spain 👉 What to see and visit

Do you want to visit Nerja Spain? Discover the best places what to see in Nerja town in a day or several, one of the most beautiful villages in the province of Malaga. Nerja is a municipality in the province of Malaga and belongs to Andalusia in Spain.

Nerja town

Discover all the activities you can do in Nerja. The typical festivals, how to get there and What to visit in Nerja so that if you want to go to Nerja you will find what to do and enjoy your trip.

Nerja Spain

What to see in Nerja? We recommend you visit the essential sites within the historic center and then other spectacular points in the surroundings of Nerja. We recommend that you dedicate at least one full day to it. You won’t regret it 😉 Incredible wonderful town in Malaga. Nerja is a very popular tourist destination throughout the year and one of the most important places in the province of Malaga for tourism and leisure.

Nerja Spain Map

This town is of great tourist interest and has the typical elements of the towns of the community in Andalusia. Visit Nerja center worth it to discover old town. You can guide yourself around the city with this map of Nerja that you can download for free or consult the map with the main places of interest to see in Nerja.

Nerja town
Nerja Tourist Map

Ddownload the Nerja map pueblo here.

5 incredible places to see in Nerja Malaga

1. Balcony of Europe

Magnificent place with stunning views of the sea and a beautiful beach. Surrounded by restaurants and shops. It has easy access to the beach. There is a statue to King Alfonso XII on the same balcony and in the lower part another to the mythical Blue Summer Chanquete. Highly recommended to visit.

2. Museum of Nerja

The Nerja Museum is conceived as a reference center on the city, its history and its natural and cultural heritage. Undoubtedly a recommended cultural visit to learn about the history of the city.

3. Caves of Nerja

An almost obligatory visit if you are in the area, due to the spectacular waterfall room.
It is recommended to go first thing in the morning, when you will surely find fewer people and you can see the cave more calmly. The spectacular nature of its gigantic vaults and stalagmites are incredible. The most impressive cave we have ever seen.

4. Chillar River

Spectacular landscape environment, with canyons, gorges and water and wild nature throughout its course.

5. Cala el Cañuelo

A pleasant cove, made of stone and not very crowded. The bus service (€2) from the car park helps keep it quiet. There is not much parking space, but it is not impossible either. A good place to snorkel.

This article collects some of the best places what to see in Nerja. For this reason, below I leave you a location map of everything you cannot miss in Nerja.

Excursions to do around Nerja

What to see in Nerja and what to do near Nerja? This area offers many excursions and things to do when you visit Nerja and in we tell you everything.

▶️ Nerja parties

Las traditional festivities of Nerja son:

▷ San Anton in Maro

Festival that takes place in Maro on January 16 and 17. According to an ancient tradition, the owners of the animals lit bonfires in honor of San Antón so that he would protect them throughout the year, and in this way they would never get sick.

It begins on the 16th with bonfires in the streets, which await the passage of the musical bands. In addition, a large bonfire is held in the town square where performances are held throughout the night.

▷ Nerja Carnival

The Nerja Carnival is celebrated during three days. One of the best parties in Nerja. The first day is reserved for the elections of „King Momo“ and „Ninfa del Carnaval“ in the tents of Plaza España. The parade will take place on the second and most important day. At the climax of the parade in Piazza di Spagna, the last day of the parade, it’s time to show off the costumes that the locals have been making for months. There, the shenanigans were lamented, all the participants cried and dressed in black.

▷ Holy Week Nerja

The Easter in Nerja is celebrated between the months of April and Marchbegins on the Sunday following the full moon of the vernal equinox.

It is celebrated from Palm Sunday, through Wednesday, Thursday and Good Friday; and ending with Easter Sunday.

▶️ What to see near Nerja

▷ Frigiliana, an essential thing to see near Nerja

Just 20 minutes from Nerja is Frigilianadeclared one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

▷ King’s Path

Incredible tour that you will never forget, that’s why we leave you all the information available in the official website of the path of the king.

▷ Excursion to Ronda and Setenil

Tour the mountains of Malaga and Cadiz to discover two of its white villages most emblematic. Ronda will conquer you with its stories of bandits, and in Setenil de las Bodegas you can walk through streets sheltered between rocks.

How to get to Nerja where it is

if you want to search how to get to Nerja, we explain how to get from the closest airport to Nerja so that you can find your way around once you arrive in Spain. You can save or forward this post to have your Nerja travel guide.

Nerja tourism information

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