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Malta PLF【2022】

Malta PLF is an online form that must be completed before traveling to Malta so all travelers to Malta must complete the Digital Passenger Locator Form (EU-dPLF). A separate PLF must be completed for each person coming to Malta, including minors and dependents, even if you are traveling as part of a group or family. To find out how to enter Malta, keep reading and we will show you everything you will need to visit Malta.

PLF Malta
Malta PLF

Travel to Malta

As of August 16, 2021, passengers will only be able to submit their Passenger Locator Form (PLF) via the EU-dPLF online platform, which can be accessed at https://app.euplf. eu/#/​. They can then present the PLF sent with the QR code at check-in and upon arrival in Malta in digital or printed format.

Paper copies of the Passenger Locator Form will no longer be distributed and will not be accepted at check-in or on arrival in Malta. For more information, see the FAQ section below.

Malta Passenger Location Form (malta plf)

Passenger Tracking Form PLF It is mandatory to complete this Digital Passenger Locator Form (PLF). Before arriving in Malta, all travelers must complete a specific location form in digital format. Public Health requires everyone traveling to Malta to complete the digital Passenger Locator Form.

All travelers arriving by any means of transport and for any period of stay are now invited to complete the Malta PLF before entering Maltese territory. The information shared in EU-dPLF is used only by the Maltese public health authorities in case it is necessary to contact the individual.

Who has to complete the PLF?

Any person entering Malta from abroad for any period of time, entering Malta by any means of transport.

Who is required to complete the Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF) in Malta?

All travelers entering Malta by air or sea (cruise or ferry) are required to complete a Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF). Each individual traveling will need to complete a separate PLF, even if traveling as part of a group or family. Malta’s digital passenger locator is part of the EU digital PLF system and can be accessed from

When do I have to present the plf Malta?

The dPLF is required to board for travel to Malta. Passenger flight, cruise and ferry operators are ordered not to allow anyone on board who does not meet all the requirements for travel to Malta, including a completed PLF.
You will receive an email confirmation with a PDF file when you submit the dPLF. You will be instructed to show this document at boarding control before boarding your flight or ferry to Malta.

What will I have to do when I arrive in Malta?

Upon arrival in Malta, the traveler will be asked to show the dPLF QR code to the inspector at the point of entry. Depending on the information provided in the dPLF, you will be allowed to enter Malta or otherwise required to re-test and/or quarantine if the requirements to enter Malta are not met. It is important to note that a false declaration on arrival is considered a criminal offence.

Is the dPLF necessary if I travel on a cruise to Malta?

Cruise passengers will need to complete the dPLF in order to disembark at Maltese ports.

Is a new PLF required if I have a connecting flight through Malta or if I am traveling on a cruise ship?

As a general rule, when the traveler uses different means of transport (ship, plane), a new PLF must be completed each time the traveler boards a new means of transport to travel to another country. As an exception, when travelers are traveling by air and the trip includes connecting flights in different countries, only one PLF should be submitted for the country of final destination. However, if the traveler departs the airport before boarding the connecting flight, a separate PLF must also be completed for this country.
Travelers traveling with a cruise ship who will remain on the cruise ship do not need to submit a dPLF and must submit the dPLF prior to disembarkation in the country of final destination (end of cruise).

As a general rule, when the traveler uses different means of transport (ship, plane), a What happens if I don’t want to fill out the PLF?

People who choose not to fill in the PLF will be denied boarding as it is a mandatory requirement to travel to Malta.

Malta PLF request

To request the plf Malta form access this page and complete the form. Once you access this section, you only have to select your nationality and your country of residence and continue the steps to complete the plf Malta and you will be able to travel to this country . Quickly access the official form to be able to fly to Malta:

Notice: The PLF Malta is a mandatory form to enter Maltese territory regardless of your nationality (European citizens are also subject to this obligation) and regardless of your mode of transportation: by plane, by ship or by land (car, bus, train) included.

The information in this article was obtained from: on 28/ 01/2022 and what is described today in this post may vary due to the changing circumstances of the current pandemic and the new regulations that each government may apply.

Instructions to complete the dPLF

All passengers wishing to enter Malta must complete a dPLF before entering the national territory, following the instructions below:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Select “Malta” as the destination country
  3. Register on the website by creating a personal account with username and password (only the first time you use the website)
  4. Confirm the account via the link sent to the email address provided (only required the first time you use the website)
  5. Complete and submit the dPLF following the wizard.

Once the form is submitted, passengers receive the dPLF in PDF and as a QR Code at the email address entered during registration, which must be displayed directly from a smartphone (in digital format) when boarding. Alternatively, passengers can print a copy of the dPLF to show when boarding.

The dPLF can be completed at any time (weeks, days) prior to travel, but must be submitted prior to embarkation and can always be modified up to the time of embarkation. However, the assigned seat number on the flight can be edited at any time.

PLF Malta Are you going to travel to Malta in 2022? Information to fly to Malta restrictions 👉 malta passenger location form ✅ How to download plf for Malta for free here.

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