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The most beautiful of Juzcar Spain 👉 What to see and visit

Do you want to visit Juzcar Spain? Discover the best places What to see in Juzcar town in a day or several, one of the most beautiful villages in the province of Malaga. Juzcar is a municipality in the province of Malaga and belongs to Andalusia in Spain.

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Finally, after many weekends wanting to go to Júzcar, better known as the Smurf town, that Sunday we were able to head there. We took a nice walk through the streets of the town finding the facades of houses with drawings of Smurfs: papa smurf, smurfette, hefty smurf, the smurf house, Gargamel… and also giant figures of these funny characters where we could not miss taking photos with all of them .

Discover all the activities you can do in judge what to see. Typical festivals, how to get there and What to visit in Juzcar so that if you want to go to Juzcar you will find what to do and enjoy your trip.

judge town

What to see in Juzcar? We recommend you visit the essential sites within the historic center and then other spectacular points in the Surroundings of Juzcar. We recommend that you dedicate at least one full day to it. You won’t regret it 😉 Incredible wonderful town in Malaga. Juzcar is a very popular tourist destination throughout the year and one of the most important places in the province of Malaga for tourism and leisure.

Juzcar tourist map

This town is of great tourist interest and has the typical elements of the towns of the community in Andalusia. Visit Juzcar center worth it to discover old town. You can guide yourself around the city with this plan of Juzcar that you can download for free or consult the map with the main places of interest to see in Juzcar.

judge town
Juzcar Tourist Map

Ddownload the Juzcar map pueblo here.

5 incredible places to see in Juzcar Málaga

1. The parish church of Santa Catalina

The most outstanding building is the parish church of Santa Catalina, a work from the 16th century that throughout its history has undergone transformations and various reforms (I suppose that the last transformation was to paint it Smurf blue). It is a visit to the towns of Malaga that you cannot miss.

2. Torrichuela viewpoint

To see the entire surroundings of the town, we can go to the so-called Mirador de Torrichuela, whose name is given to it because an old watchtower was located there, and which is now occupied by the image of giant Papa Smurf

3. Sima del Diablo Ravine

The level of difficulty is medium and it consists of four abseils, the second being the highest and therefore the most fun.

4. Almachar Fountain

The fountain is also painted blue, like almost the entire town, called Júzcar, the town of the Smurfs. It has been renovated on several occasions, the last time in 1977. Almost opposite the fountain is the tourist information booth of Juzcar.

5. Mirador de San Jose

A fantastic viewpoint from which you can start a route. One of these routes that begins at this viewpoint is the Juzcar-Pujerra-Cartajima circular route, a beautiful cultural landscape route, where we will see large concentrations of holm oaks, wild olive trees, cork oaks and olive trees. The layout of the route is circular and includes 16 km of difficulty

This article collects some of the best places What to see in Juzcar. For this reason, below I leave you a location map of everything you cannot miss in Juzcar.

Excursions to do around Juzcar

What to see in Juzcar and what to do near Juzcar? This area offers many excursions and things to do when you visit Juzcar and in we tell you everything.

▶️ Judge parties

Las traditional festivities of Juzcar son:

The festivities in honor of Our Lady Virgin of Moclón

It is a festivity that takes place on the third weekend of August.

Saint Joseph

Festivity in honor of the patron saint of the municipality with a procession and festival that takes place on March 19.

The Virgin of Moclon pilgrimage

Festival that takes place in the month of July.

▶️ What to see near Juzcar

Doñana national park

Fuengirola Biopark

Castellar de la frontera Zoo

How to get to Juzcar where it is

if you want to search How to get to Juzcar, we explain how to get from the nearest airport to Juzcar so that you can find your way around once you arrive in Spain. You can save or forward this post to have your Juzcar travel guide.

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