Guide to travel to Japan

Looking for a guide to travel to japan? If you still don’t know What do you need to travel to Japan?, we are going to explain everything you have to prepare for entering and leaving Japan. general information and Requirements to travel to Japan with its customs, laws and customs limitations in Japan. You have available this travel guide with the emergency telephone numbers, the best time to travel to japan and everything you need to know to travel safely.

guide to travel to japan


Capital Japan (See map)
Languages Japanese
Currency And in
Visa? Yes
Voltage 100 volts and two frequencies depending on the state (50 and 60 Hertz)

Japan General Information

With the current situation you may have to fill out some kind of form to travel to japan or covid Japan requirements, so we recommend you check What do you need to travel to Japan? or any destination in the country in this travel guide.

Guide to travel to Japan entry requirements

These are the Japan entry requirements:

In case of being a carrier of a VISA to enter this country, please review the section “Transit trip” or “residents” to know the current requirements for entering this country

Guide to travel to Japan requirements to leave

Once your stay is over, these are the Japan exit requirements:

You must leave Japan before the authorized term of stay expires, otherwise you will be subject to to a deportation process that will imply their detention in an Immigration Control Center.

3d country map

Japan customs information

  • If you enter with more than 1 million yen or its equivalent in other currencies, you must report it to the immigration authorities at the time of your arrival or departure from that country.
  • Medicines are highly regulated in Japan, and there are over-the-counter medicines in your country that are prohibited or require a prescription in Japan, including some inhalers, medicine for allergies, among others. For this reason, it is recommended to consult the Embassy of Japan in your country on the list of prohibited medicines.
  • Those under 20 years of age cannot introduce cigarettes or alcoholic beverages.
  • The entry of firearms, tear gas and pepper spray is prohibited.

For more information, contact the customs regulations and the page of Ministry of Health, Labor, and Social Welfare of the Government of Japan.

Japan local currency

  • The legal tender in Japan is the And in («¥», JPY). This is the only currency accepted in shops, restaurants and service stations.
  • In Japan, the use of credit cards is not as widespread as in other countries, although it is accepted in hotels, department stores, restaurants and international stores.

For more information regarding the local currency or payment methods of the country, consult the section recommendations in money to travel abroad..

Japanese customs

Make sure you know the customs of the country so you can know what the best time to visit japan. Here are the most common.

  • It is not customary to tip.
  • Inside subway cars and trains, cell phones must be on “vibrate” mode, and people are generally silent while using transportation.
  • Wiping one’s nose in public and staring a Japanese person in the eye are considered rude behavior.
  • In Japan it is not customary to shake hands, hug, or kiss in public.

Is it safe to travel to Japan?

Laws of Japan

  • Illicitly transporting psychotropic substances is typified as a serious crime.
  • The international transit of medicines has a special regulation that carries a penalty of 6 to 10 years in prison.
  • Since your country is not a State Party to the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic September 19, 1949, in Japan you will be denied your application to rent a car if you present an International Driving Permit. For more information, see about driving licenses in Japan.
  • Japan’s Civil Aeronautics Law prohibits the use of drones in public areas.
  • In Japan, even minor crimes such as stealing an item from a store deserve imprisonment for up to 23 days, pending investigation, and if applicable, a minimum sentence of 2 years.
  • It is recommended to always carry a copy of your passport with visa on hand during your stay in Japan, as well as to have a copy of them and keep it in a safe place.

Other recommendations in guide to travel to Japan

  • Do not forget to notify your bank that you will travel to Japan, so that they can inform you how to act in case of theft or loss of your credit cards in Japan, or problems that you could have when withdrawing money with your cards abroad.
  • Recommendations and more advice by topic or type of traveler, visit the section of recommendations for your trip abroad of this guide to travel to Japan.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the official website for tourism in Japan?

What are the emergency telephone numbers in Japan?

Emergencies / firefighters / ambulances: 119
Police: 110

Are tourists entitled to free medical care in Japan?

Tourists are not entitled to free medical care in Japan.

What are Japan’s mandatory vaccinations?

No specific vaccines are required for Mexicans to enter Japan. However, it is prudent to check the official page to obtain updated information from the authorities of this country.

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