Guide to go to Roland Garros 🎾 [2023]

Want go to roland garros? If you’re looking for a Guide to go to Roland Garros, we are going to explain how to go to see the best clay tennis tournament in the world. We have already gone twice, so we can show you the best information to plan your trip to see Roland Garros, and we are going to tell you about our experience in Paris to see this tennis tournament. If you are clear about what you want to go, keep reading because we are going to tell you how Get Roland Garros ticketshow to get there and all the tricks to get the most out of the Musketeers Cup tournament.

Guide to go to Roland Garros


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Roland Garros 2023 πŸ†

Roland Garros It is one of the four tournaments that are part of the tennis Grand Slam, and that in my opinion, along with Wimbledon, are, if not the most important, at least the most emblematic.

It is a unique opportunity to enjoy the best tennis, and see the best rackets in the world, both male and female, in action and live, in one of the best facilities on the circuit. Follow the steps in this guide to go to Roland Garros 2023 and you will surely enjoy a unique experience.

Next we are going to detail all the steps you have to do to be able to go to the best clay court tournament in the world. If you follow this guide to go to Roland Garros you will be able to get tickets on time and most likely you will be able to see the tennis player you want if you follow our advice.

🧳 Trip planning and guide to go to Roland Garros

First of all we have to know on which dates the tournament will take place and based on that decide which days we want to go, taking into account that the more advanced the tournament is, the more expensive the tickets will be but the better tennis players will remain. The tournament is usually always played at the end of May and if the beginning of June (next dates for roland garros 2023 are from Sunday, May 21 to Sunday, June 4).

We have always gone the weekend before the final and we have always booked for a weekend session with which we make sure we see great games.

✈️ Flight

For the flight, we were looking for a plane that would leave us in Paris on Friday night, and after consulting different websites we bought the tickets through one of them. The price for two people, leaving on Friday and returning on Monday from Orly, arriving in Valencia at 12:15 pm, in both cases with the Spanish company Vueling, amounted to about 265 euros.

πŸ›‚ Airport to Paris

If you don’t want to complicate yourself, as soon as you leave Orly you have a large number of taxis available with pre-established fixed rates to Paris that range between €32 and €39 depending on the part of the river you want to go to.

πŸ›οΈ Accommodation

To book the hotel, it is convenient to inform us where the hotel we are going to is and especially if it has a nearby metro to be able to travel to the place, since Roland Garros has a metro exit very close to the venue where the matches are held.

We stayed at the Novotel Paris Center Tour Eiffel, a great hotel just a 15-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower with incredible views of the Seine River, also this 4-star hotel was associated with Roland Garros since we were able to see many players of the tournament staying at the hotel with an area where he took them to the tournament from the hotel. The hotel is a bit expensive but the proximity to the subway and the tournament along with the quality and views of the hotel we loved.

πŸš‡ Meter

Once staying at the hotel, and to go to the Roland Garros facilities, the best thing is the subway. The ticket costs 1.90 euros per person, each trip, and it is advisable to calculate how many we are going to need depending on the days you go or take a voucher of 10 tickets that is a little cheaper.

What to do in Paris:
Roland Garros 2023- PARIS ▢️ SEE ACTIVITIES

How to get tickets for Roland Garros?

Before buying tickets for Roland Garros you should think about which day you can go and which players you want to see and based on that you should choose tickets for one track or another. That’s why follow this Guide to go to Roland Garros and I’m sure you’re right.

Roland Garros tickets

The most important slopes are the Philippe-Chatrier, Suzanne Lenglen or Simonne Mathieu are the 3 most relevant slopes of the tournament. Recently in 2022 after the reform of the Philippe there is no longer court 1, so in order of importance the next to the Simonne would be the free access court 14 with the tickets of any track you could access.

IMPORTANT: To get the tickets you have to be attentive to the official Web to see what day they go on sale and be available at the time the online box office opens, once you enter they will put you in a queue with the number that you have received and then after a few hours you can buy your tickets . Be careful: you can only buy 4 tickets per registered account, so if you need more tickets you will have to access the application with several registered accounts.

What tickets should I buy to see Rafa Nadal?

Without a doubt, if you want to see the best tennis players, it is best to buy tickets on the Philippe Chatrier center court. Be careful, this does not guarantee you to see Rafa Nadal or Djokovic but it does increase the chances since the best tennis players usually put the matches on this court and especially in the night session which is the new modality this year 2022. So if you are going to Roland Garros in 2023 we advise you to buy tickets at the Philippe-Chatrier.

tickets should i buy to see rafa nadal

NOTE: Our advice to see the Top 10 tennis players would be to go 2 consecutive days and get tickets at the Philippe with which you practically ensure that you are going to see the best tennis players. We have done it like this for 2 years and we have been able to see Rafa Nadal, N. Djokovic, Federer, Carlos Alcaraz and many other great players.

How much do Roland Garros tickets cost?

The first days are popular prices and from 10 euros we can have locations to enjoy these matches.

For the first round we find tickets ranging from 35 euros to the 200 that it would cost to see some games in the Suzanne Lenglen. In the second round, the cheapest ones are usually from 70 euros, in the third phase the ticket prices go on sale from 95 euros in the Philippe Chatrier and in the fourth round they are usually worth from 170 euros.

This year 2022 they have put the night modality in the Philippe Chatrier with which you can only see 3 games in the day session and the star game of the day in the night session which is usually around 8:30 p.m.

What are the Roland Garros facilities like?

The site is very big and there are many shops roland garros store selling tournament memorabilia and food stalls. There are some very beautiful and iconic things, like giant tennis balls, polo shirts, hats, and key chains.

The food is very bad and it is recommended to bring the prepared sandwich as there are only 4-5 types of sandwiches, burgers and sandwiches based on soft bread. Meals are allowed on site, but drinks are not allowed. Upon entering, you must go through a security check where your bag will be checked for drinks or other dangerous items.

The organization of the tournament is great and it has many young people in charge of notifying and assisting visitors with their doubts. From the moment you enter the stadium through the Gate of the Musketeers, you will begin to enjoy the atmosphere of tennis in its purest essence.

Roland Garros 2023

With this travel guide to go to Roland Garros 2023, we hope it has been helpful to you. Now you just need to equip yourself and enjoy the best clay court tournament today. Who are you going with? We have it very clear, Rafael is a lot of Nadal Let’s gossss!.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is Roland Garros known as the Musketeers Cup?

Roland Garros is called the Musketeers Cup in honor of the four Frenchmen who won the Davis Cup six consecutive times. rene lacoste, Henri Cochet, Jean Borotra and Jacques Brugnon They were the protagonists of this feat. In addition, between the four they managed to add 10 Roland Garros titles.

Who has won Roland Garros the most times?

The player who has won Roland Garros the most times is the Spanish Rafael Nadal, with 14 titles, he is the tennis player who has lifted the trophy of the most important tournament on clay in the world the most times.

What are the best tickets to see Roland Garros?

The best tickets vary depending on the price, but you have tickets available for each day at the Philippe-Chatrier, Suzanne Lenglen or Simonne Mathieu are the 3 most important tracks at Roland Garros. Recently in 2022 after the reform of the Philippe there is no longer court 1, so in order of importance the next to the Simonne would be the free access court 14 with the tickets of any track you could access. you can follow this Guide to go to Roland Garros for free where you will find tips and tricks for your trip.

How to know that the tickets to Roland Garros are real?

The best way to buy tickets to Roland Garros is to do it through the official website where you will have almost until the last day to complete your personal information to be able to access the venue where, once you verify your QR, they will give you the official ticket to the tournament. . You will enter and they will ask you for your identification number to verify that your name and surname is the one printed on the official entrance.

Can the Roland Garros ticket be resold?

Yes, but only through the official website of the tournament until a few days before the day you have purchased. You will be able to resell them as long as you have not filled in your personal information and they will return the money to you in due month after the end of the tournament. NOTE: Tickets do not take even 5 minutes to sell as the demand is very high.

We hope that this blog can be useful for you to be able to carry out this trip. Have a happy experience at Roland Garros. Any questions or clarification leave us a comment and we will try to help you.

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