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Are you going to travel? Find out before the forms to be able to enter the country as the new dPLF form. The dPLF Passenger Locator Form is the mandatory document that must be completed by every traveler entering a destination country where it is mandatory, including those returning from a trip abroad. Regardless of the means of transport they use, be it by air, sea or land and for any length of stay.


What is the dPLF?

The dPLF is a form that officially came into force on July 1, 2021 and that allows you to travel without travel restrictions to certain countries that request it. However, this is not enough in some countries and a Digital Traveler Locator Form is also required. As mentioned above, dPLF also known as PLF to travel abroad, is a tracking form. It is mandatory in some countries, and there are more and more places where it is a mandatory requirement to be able to travel.

How to request the dPLF form to travel?

To request the form to travel can be filled directly online from the dedicated website, to travel to some foreign countries. It is advisable to trust the national platforms of each destination country, but many times it is difficult to find on which website to download the European dPLF of each country and that is why at we are going to help you fill out the form to travel and find the official website to complete it.

This certificate can only be presented electronically and not in paper format. In addition, the EU has created a registration application in digital format that allows contact tracing to be more effective and efficient.

In which countries is the dPLF mandatory?

At we have compiled a list of all the countries in which the PLF is mandatory with the instructions to fill out each form in your language and so that you can easily download it. Select the country where you want to travel and we will help you step by step to complete the online digital passenger location form.

How to fill dPLF:

Some countries are linking PLF with testing or quarantine policy for travellers. To make this Covid form, click on this link to follow the instructions in this dplf tutorial.

  1. Register in the web application and you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you have provided.
  2. What must you inform to obtain the plf?
  • Type of transport.
  • Personal information.
  • Contact.
  • Previous accommodation.
  • Temporal address.
  • Travel companions.
  • Contact in case of Emergency.

Once you have completed all this information, you must press send and you will receive a pdf with the dplf and a unique QR code with all the information necessary to be able to travel.

FAQ (Frequent questions)

How many Covid travel forms do I need to fill out?

Each country has its own policy regarding the dPLF. Some countries require that in the case of a family traveling together, only one member of the family completes it. However, in others, they require each adult to complete an individual form.

When should I submit the dplf?

The dplf form must be presented to some airlines before boarding and upon landing in your destination country if the regulations so establish.

What do I need to travel in Europe?

In addition to the Covid or dPLF form, in order to travel, especially in the European Union, it is necessary to have the Covid certificate.

PLF form in English

This section provides information on the travel protocols of each country. Click on the country to which you are traveling to read its travel protocol and find out the restrictions and how to complete the essential requirements to be able to travel abroad.

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