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Looking for how to fill the ANVISA form to travel to BRAZIL? Any passenger wishing to travel to Brazil you must fill out the digital health form ANVISA. It is a mandatory requirement to fill out this form before entering Brazilian territory, in this article we will share a video tutorial so you can learn how to fill out the form step by step and we will answer your most frequent questions.

Find out here the requirements and restrictions for TRAVEL to BRAZIL in 2022. Tests and Vaccines that you must take into account and everything you need to be able to travel to Brazil without problems.



Requirements and Restrictions to TRAVEL to Brazil in 2022

When the ANVISA Health Form, the passenger is aware that the omission of information or non-compliance with health guidelines and recommendations are subject to sanctions such as fines, civil, administrative and criminal liability; immediate repatriation or deportation and disqualification of asylum applications.

Video tutorial how to fill out ANVISA Form to travel to BRAZIL

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Where can I get a video tutorial to fill in ANVISA Form to travel to BRAZIL? You can see a video tutorial where you can see step by step how to fill it. CLICK on the link:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where to fill out the ANVISA Form?

The ANVISA health form to enter Brazilian territory must be filled out on the official website: in a recommended period of 48 hours maximum before your trip to Brazil.

Who has to complete the ANVISA Form?

All passengers without exception must fill out the ANVISA Form to travel to Brazil. For travelers over 18 years of age, the responsibility for completing the Declaration and the information provided rests with the traveler or their legal guardian. Those under 18 years of age must have the Declaration completed by their parents or guardians.

How should I submit the ANVISA Form?

When you complete the form, you will receive an email that you must print and show to the airline before traveling to Brazil.

How long in advance should I submit the ANVISA Form?

It is recommended to fill it out a maximum of 48 hours before your trip, since you need to have all the data close to the date of the trip.

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